Mar 15 2009
Malibu Family Wines Film Screening

March 15, 2009

Last night was the Malibu Family Wines film screening of Sideways.

The setting was beautiful, with all the trailers in the meadow with lights on.

Arriving around 6pm we got to enjoy some daylight and the temperature was still cool, but that changed drastically when the sun went down. The temperature dropped by 20 degrees at least, it must have been in the 40’s in the canyon and Saddlerock. Having already seen Sideways, we left around 7:30pm and went out for a dinner with our friends.

The Semler’s know how to throw a party. Pinot was flowing and Heather was on the popcorn machine popping the corn.

At several points during the evening Ronnie Semler started to pour wine for people in line to get a pour. The pours where very generous.

I’ll post some pictures later today.


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