Sep 1 2011
Lose weight now! Stay Sexy Forever with Suzanne Somers

If you want to stay sexy forever, it is absolutely necessary to learn how to fight fat after 40! Sexy Forever is Suzanne Somers’ innovative weight-loss program. For $4 a week (billed quarterly), you get access to more than just recipes & exercise tapes. There is a shopping list tool, a nutrition fact finder, a weight & calorie calculator, and last but not least, access to Suzanne herself! Sexy Forever works in 4 simple steps:

1. Take control of your life by taking control of what you eat! It is easy to lose track and slip into guilty-pleasure mode, the occasional double cheeseburger here, the “I deserve it” pint of ice cream there. This lack of oversight wreaks havoc on your metabolism! Recharge your metabolism with hundreds of recipes that will give you the power to slim down by controlling what you eat.

2. The junk food habit does more than ruin your metabolism, it’s poison! It is essential to eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system. Sexy Forever provides a 30-day detox program that will cleanse your system & bring it back into its natural pH balance.

3. Hormones are the “scales of injustice,” and need to be controlled. Sexy Forever has a 3-step plan that balances your hormones and brings them back to justice.

4. Losing weight is often an uphill battle which requires some encouragement. You will be more inclined to stick to the program if you can track your progress. Sexy Forever allows you to keep track of your own weight loss using the latest tools.

Sexy Forever is a great plan for losing weight after 40. It gives you the tools to not only eat right, but cleanse your system & balance your hormones in the process. Which means you’ll be more likely to stick to the program, and stay Sexy Forever!

Sexy Forever – Suzanne Somers
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