Mar 8 2013
Listening as (a) movement Side Street Projects Pasadena

Listening as (a) Movement: Opening and performance
Photo: LA WEEKLY recommends not missing Elana Mann's opening this Friday 6-10 at Side Street Projects--

And we second that recommendation!! Don't miss it.
Side Street Projects

6:00pm until 10:00pm

Listening as (a) movement is a new public artwork by artist Elana Mann involving interactive sculpture and community based performance art events. The project investigates sound and the voice as physical entities that can move us emotionally, form deep interpersonal connections, and be agents of social change. Listening as (a) movement was commissioned by Side Street Projects (SSP) and will take place at SSP’s mobile headquarters in NW Pasadena, where Mann has built three outdoor acoustic sculptures, as well as organized community events and artist performances/workshops that will take place during the course of the exhibit.

For more information please visit:

For the opening ArtNight event, Listening as (a) movement and Side Street Projects present:

Decay/Decode, By Allison Johnson

Using Elana Mann’s mechanisms and modes of acoustic sculptures and listening, DECAY/DECODE relies on ensemble playing and group communication. The work incorporates percussive tropes and pitched contours based on morse code, sign language-based Simultaneous Communication (SimCom), directed improvisation, and traditional compositional techniques found in baroque era chorales and fugues. The composition focuses the sonic terrain on and around the sculptures which act as idiophonic bodies sounded both directly and indirectly, and as 3-dimensional scores which the performers (individually and collectively) decipher and musically interpret according to the “rules” of the score. And by calling for directed and free improvisatory sections, the work allows for informed real-time musical composition, relying on the performers to survey, analyze, and musically unpack the environs and its attendant significance.

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