Aug 17 2012
Like DudaMobile…..Why Not Sell It? Reseller Program Mobile Sites

DudaMobile is perhaps best known for its ingenious flexible mobile website builder platform which has been developed to allow companies with existing online websites to easily and cheaply adapt them so that they are fully mobile-friendly. In doing so it has allowed thousands of customers to embrace new technological advances such as Smart and Android phones and touchpads.

The Duda Reseller Programme has been developed specifically with creative agencies, marketers and developers in mind who are impressed with the service that DudaMobile offer and would like to offer mobile websites as a premium service for its clients. Whether you regard it as a franchise arrangement, working as an agent, or merely an intermediary for a service that benefits all involved, it is a fantastic offer, especially when you consider the fee being asked.

With a Reseller Package price of just $199, those signing up benefit from:

Private Label Tools

Custom Pricing

Reseller Discounts

Marketing and Platform Training Support

Priority Technical Support

Not to mention access to mobile website previews and simulator tools

 DudaMobile is a forward thinking, intelligent and technologically advanced service that has been widely championed by a number of people, including this writer in this very blog. I would imagine that a significant number of people look at its creators with a great deal of envy that they did not come up with the idea themselves. Short of actually owning the company, this is the next best thing and if you are in a position to offer the service effectively, entering into the Duda Reseller Programme could be the best thing you could do.

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