Dec 21 2007
iPhone Observations

A couple items I thought I would share about the iPhone after having some friends and people at the office buy them and helping them set them up.

1. There is no voice recognition option. Many users have really become accustomed to using this feature on many other phones. Apparently this will soon be available, but having released a product without this feature was somewhat of a mistake.

2. The screen typing is somewhat difficult to use. I know there are options to adjust, but it is a little frustrating trying to type in a character and the wrong character comes up, the one next to the one you wanted. Maybe in the setup there could be something to help learn from the users point characteristics how to center better.

3. The screen does get dirty easily, looks like it does scratch as well. Apple should have included a couple of those screen guards with the iPhone.

4. Make it available to any carrier’s network.

I love the iPhone, don’t get me wrong.


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