Nov 25 2010
IOS 4.2 The answer to many IPhone problems

After having experienced a slow performing Iphone many have complained that the problem is spreading like wildfire. Apple has managed to release a new IOS 4.2 update to perpetuate a damage control scheme. This includes a new firmware which manages to speed things up particularly for IPhone 3G users. The present firmware 4.0 to 4.1 makes all Apple devices in the same degree but with lower models such as the 3G operating performance is obviously slower than the advanced 4G. The result becomes obvious as the present firmware creates trouble for various applications. The 4.2 update will eliminate the older firmware’s treatment for the various Apple products. Another change would involve the software which will indicate the model giving it specifications on what product will it run smoothly and what not. Hopefully the above changes would not be a bogus motivation for all Apple users and we can purposely see those changes as the 4.2 IOS update will be released this November 2010. People with slow responsive or application freezing IPhones will no doubt have better days ahead with this new firmware update and hopefully it will solve all their problems in using their beloved IPhones.

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