Feb 28 2008
HP Ink Printer celebrates 20 years!

Deskjet turns 20: HP celebrates two decades of robbing you blind {Engadget}
Feb 28th 2008 4:52PM
True HP makes a mint selling cartridges. What would be a fair price to charge? $10? Have you tried to fill a cartridge? What a pain that can be and most refilled cartridges are junk ink or toner.

Are extra capacity carts the solution?

The problem is that these printers are not very good to start with either. I’ve had several Officejet printers, all sorts of jams and print feed problems.

And I have lots of empties here, what do I do with them, just think of all the landfill waste….

There has to be a solution.
I try to buy laser printers when I can, but the toner is very very expensive. Basically I can buy a new printer for the cost of the 4 toner carts.

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