Jan 23 2012
How V2 e-Cigs are different?

It is technology in cigarettes as it is V2 electronic cigarettes for smoke lovers to have their smoking experience and that too without any harmful effects. Though there are many electronic cigarettes in the market yet it is different as it has been developed and created to solve the problems which are being faced by earlier 3 piece e-cigarette models. They are all now outdated and sub standard too.

The three piece electronic cigarettes like NJoy™, Blu™, and Smoking-Everywhere etc use a reusable atomizer, and a cheap plastic nicotine cap which is enough to expose nicotine pad. And as atomizer chamber could not be disposed, this 3 piece model also creates an environment for the spread of bacteria. In fact in some of the models too, your mouth is espoused to the same tip again and again which is very unhygienic, and as cap models are not replaceable, it is not possible to prevent having sticky nicotine liquid in the mouth and on fingers. This liquid is very harmful for the skin and can burn the oral mucosa in the mouth. However all these drawbacks are not there in V2 electronic cigarettes. They are beautifully designed with great quality and convenience. It is equipped with only two components- the V2 battery and disposable atomized flavor cartridge which has fresh-seal technology. The cartridge that they use is also disposable and so there is no need to clean it, and in fact the vapor liquid is also completely sealed.

Electronic cigarettes give you a smoking experience.

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