Jun 10 2018
How to Deal with Garden Pests, Earwigs & Slugs & Spider Mites

If you have been experiencing the onslaught of insects in your garden, you are looking for the most effective non-pesticide solution.


So far it seems that a good slug solution is to place a small container full of beer, the more sour the better, the container top should be at ground level so that the slugs go in and drown.  Place several of these around your garden area and check them in a few days and you will see the results, if there are slugs they will go into the container.


Seems like the soy sauce in a tin can(tuna can) filled about half way and then add some oil, vegetable oil seems to work the best, and place it in the area infested with earwigs. Let this stand a day or two and check back, if there are earwigs in your garden they will be attracted to the trap and you will find dead earwigs in your trap, Empty and refill as needed.

For both earwigs and slugs, a predator like birds and chickens are good, but they can only eat so many.

These are some natural remedies for ridding your garden of these predatory insects that could destroy your garden.

For those of you growing tomatoes and have had issues with spider mites, one promising solution is to sprinkle sulfur powder onto the leaves of the tomato and around the stem of the plant.

Try to keep the plan healthy as that is one good defense against insects.

Let us know what works for you,

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