Jul 11 2010
Gibson’s DUI arrest episode- A lesson for all stars

You reap what you sow. Mannerism and attitude towards people and sections of society are more important than professional popularity. In a place like Hollywood, disrespect and abusive comments towards people can bring unhappiness to both personal and professional life. It was shocking and disheartening to know Mel Gibson, a reputed and respected icon in the Hollywood film industry had made bad-mouthing comments on Jews in a drunken state. It is shocking to know that a real Christian like Mel who has won lot of accolades already for his professionalism and sensible attitude towards Christianity had vented a tirade towards Jewish community for having charged for drunk-driving (DUI) in Malibu California.

Being in the Hollywood which is dominated by the Jewish who run the showbiz, if you want a promising career, disrespect towards them can cost too much for anybody. Though Gibson calls it a lie and denies having spoken it in senses, is he forgetting overflow of heart reaches the mouth at some point of time? Just because a person has the star status, he should not forget that making racial comments is condemnable and the law is same for everyone. Though, the DUI arrest, his belligerent remarks, and his despicable behaviour had invited a frenzy of media coverage; after he apologized to the whole of Jewish community it is a hope that things will get to normal for Mel Gibson. The whole episode should be a great lesson for him and for everybody else in the industry. Words indeed are as powerful as atom bombs!


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