Nov 20 2017
Holiday Pickpockets and Wallet Thefts Alert

Holiday Pickpockets and Wallet Thefts Alert

As we enter the Holiday Season, the Pasadena Police Department would like the public to be aware of an increase in purse and wallet thefts. These thefts have occurred primarily while unaware victims are dining at popular restaurants or coffee shops, shopping at the grocery store, or browsing at busy retailers. While it may seem convenient to leave your open purse in the shopping cart’s child seating area, or hung over your chair at the restaurant, this is when you are most vulnerable.

The thieves involved in this criminal enterprise are very good as stealing without being detected and very fast! They are often standing right next to you, seated behind you, and he/she is often having one of their accomplices casually chatting with you as they swiftly reach into your purse and take your wallet. It is not until the victim reaches for his or her wallet that they realize it was stolen. and the thieves have already rung up hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases on your credit cards.

Be aware that thieves will look like every other average shopper and have been both male (wallet-grabbers) and female (distractors). Past cases have indicated they are well or casually dressed in blazers, black women’s leather jackets and polo shirts; they like to wear sunglasses (even when indoors) and they are often talking on their cell phones while loitering suspiciously. They usually won’t have shopping bags or shopping carts so they can maneuver quickly and vacate the premise.


1. Have a watchful eye

2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and who is standing near you

3. Be alert for overly friendly persons

4. Keep your purse zipped closed and/or wallet secure, in your view and preferable with your hand over the zipper opening

5. If you see suspicious activity, please alert your local law enforcement agency promptly

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