May 23 2009
Help for Veterans new website

Governor Schwarzenegger is helping launch a new website aimed at helping California veterans adjust to life back home.

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The governor met with members of the Department of Veterans Affairs and State National Guard leaders to announce the “Network of Care for Veterans” website.

The site covers social services, medical services, education and employment opportunities in the veterans’ local communities. Governor Schwarzenegger says our veterans need help.

The Sacramento County Network of Care for Veterans & Service Members is part of a growing awareness and effort to take a community approach to the needs of returning veterans, to ensure that they are a valuable part of a healthy community and that the community is a meaningful part of the health of the veteran. The Network of Care for Veterans & Service Members is a one-stop-shop for virtually all services, information, support, advocacy, and much more. This public service is an attempt to bring together critical information for all components of the veterans’ community, including veterans, family members, active-duty personnel, reservists, members of the National Guard, employers, service providers, and the community at large.

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