Jul 1 2013
Hawthorne Police Shoot Dog Video

Updated: There are now thousands of comments posted on facebook on the NBC facebook page, the Hawthorne Police Dept also has thousands of comments being posted. How will the Hawthorne PD respond to this and other incidents.

Hawthorne Police Shoot Dog

The reason I am uploading this is to spread the word about violence by police. It happens everyday. Recently, police brutality has been captured and noticed by people in more and more with video cameras. I respect all police officers and relize that they have a very difficult job to do with many quick decisions that have to be made. I encourage you to re-upload this video before it gets flagged or youtube takes it down. Tell your friends about what happened and show them this. I do not support what the police officer did in this video and felt that better decisions could have been made but I do not condone any hate towards him.

I am donating all the money made off of adds, in this video to my local animal shelter. I would encourage everyone to do the same and donate money to animal shelters, PETA ect.

Officer that shot the dog:
Lieutenant Scott Swain

What you can do to contact People in office.
Call your mayor Danial Juarez — his public office line is (310) 643-6139. Tell him you saw the video and explain that, as a dog lover, you’ll vote on that issue alone in the next election.
Call Roderick Wright (your state senator). His office number in Sacramento is (916) 651-4035. Again, calmly explain to him about the video and tell him you want firm action.
Next, call assemblyman Steven Bradford. His office number in Inglewood is (310) 412-6400 or in Sacramento at (916) 319-2062.

Original Video “Hawthorne, Ca Police Kill Dog(1)”
Video Description
“Swat and police are waiting on people to come out of the house, when a guy pulls up to record the scene. His dog runs out the car while the cops shoot in defense.”


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