Mar 27 2009
Gotein protein shake on the go

This past weekend I met the folks from Gotein.

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They had a booth at the health and fitness expo for the Pasadena Marathon.
The powder comes in a packet that your into a water bottle shake and drink.
I tried the chocolate flavor it was actually pretty good.
Other flavors include vanilla and strawberry.

Gotein™ Protein to Go, has been formulated to not only provide quality protein along with 24 essential vitamins and minerals but it has been carefully taste tested as well. All the protein & vitamins will do you no good IF you don’t want to drink it. We think that once you try it, you will be hooked on the ease of Gotein™ as well as the great taste. So we are offering a Sample Pack of 6 sticks (2 Vanilla, 2 Chocolate and 2 Strawberry) so you can try it for yourself.

We are convinced that once you “test the water” with Gotein™, you will be hooked!

For more info, email us: Contact Us

Gotein™ Protein to Go!, helps refuel the body, and improves lean muscle mass while burning fat.* Perfect for the sports minded person that needs to perform at their peak while exercising or playing a high energy sport. Also great for those on the go!

Gotein Products

Each packet is .952 oz or 27 grams.

The nutritional value varies from each, for instance the vanilla is
17g protein
5g carbs
24 vitamins and minerals
100 calories

To order go to or call toll free 877.3.GOTEIN.
Use discount code PM2

Thank you for your interest in our product.  If you go to our website, you can order a sample pack (

The sample pack is free. However their will be a .00 shipping and handling fee.

Thank you,


Laura Hovermale

Customer Service Representative

(877) 3.gotein


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