Jun 13 2012
Google Maps Offline and Off Street Trekker

Google Maps Mobile

Google and Apple bringing a new view

Explore the world around us

Bikes, Trolleys, Walking

The Trekker, lets Google

Google Offline Maps, Street View Trekker, and Improved 3-D Maps Announced

Michael Weiss Walik

Google Earth Mobile.

Models from low flying planes

Business like Carl Afable are going into businesses like restaurants and turning them into tours


Different dimension, $500

Google technology stiches them together

almost like being there.

Apple turn by turn will only be available on the 4S or those with SIRI.


Would you like to have Google create a streetview of your business?
Here’s more info and a signup form

If you are a photographer and are interested in joining the Google Photographer Program click here

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