Nov 19 2010
General Motors proposal

General Motors is coming back strong and offering 365 million shares to the public in the hopes of getting a huge piece of action in return. The IPO (Initial Public Offering) will likely kick away small investors and individuals which we all know that first day trading often times leads to 10% or more in raise for fortunate share buyers. For the banks handling the IPO they have the power to wield the shares like a dummy in a hand and would determine who gets the shares at the prices offered. The winners are the ones who parlays and pays a lot of trading commissions to that specific bank most notably favored clients of big institutions. At the other side of the fence the biggest seller of this much highly anticipated IPO is the U.S. Government who has grown tired with their own shares is about to cut off 28% or more of its shares on General Motors. So far saving General Motors from collapse can sometimes be more than enough, which leads us to the small people that were also responsible in helping General Motors rise up again and now are getting kicked out of the whole IPO situation. Good riddance to everybody.

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