Mar 26 2017
Fake News – Make Money Writing Fiction Tricking Users and Facebook and Twitter Bots

Jestin Coler  – man behind the fake news sites National Report and Denver Guardian, making up the news was “fun.”  “Writing fiction is not a crime,”

Mike Cernovich Calls Out Scott Pelley During Heated Interview
Hundreds of websites with fake news.
The use of bots, fake social media accounts used to like, twitter, thousands if not millions.
You can buy thousands of bots.

Facebook and twitter can be fooled by bots
You have to talk in the language, rfid chips, mandated through Obamacare, fake news
Clinton emails investigation


People will believe anything if it is presented.

Lots more players in the game

Phil Howard – Internet Institute

Junk news vs real news, about the same as each, real and fake.

Who reads

The Trade Desk – Jeff Green, how to stay clear of fake news.

FTC - Site employs income earning affiliate linking

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