Jun 8 2012
Eva’s Pride Peach Tree

Eva’s Pride Peaches

“Eva’s Pride Peach” and it has several fruits already.

Excellent flavor too.

Main reasons for this tree

1) a dwarf tree so it wont get too big, and

2) has a low chill requirement good for Southern California.

Websites on the internet describe Eva’s Pride as “delicious” and “sweet”.

Highly recommend this peach!

Other peach tree that doesn’t have fruit yet.

The Eva’s Pride peach is an early season one.

So far, this was the best peach I have ever eaten.


Eva’s Pride

Delicious, fine-flavored peach with very low-chilling requirement ripens 2-3 weeks before Mid-Pride. Medium to large-sized yellow freestone – also recommended as early season peach for moderate climates – harvest 3 weeks before July Elberta. 1-200 hours. Self- fruitful. (Zaiger)


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