Apr 29 2013
EVAP Quickly and safely Dry any Electronic device – Dry Wet Phone

Did you know that nearly 2 in 3 people drop their expensive electronic devices in water? This includes cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, watches, games, remotes, hearing aids and more.
EVAP technology is up to 700% more effective than other methods at removing moisture. A few hours in an EVAP and you could be saving a lot of money in replacement costs, high deductibles, important contacts and memories!

Evap EVAPDry – First Aid Water Removal for Electronic Devices (Single use package)

EVAP is a global manufacturer of moisture removing technologies.

EVAP is a simple, inexpensive, and effective solution to electronic water damage. EVAP uses state of the art technology to quickly and safely pull all of the water out of any device you leave inside the EVAP bag. This technology is engineered to grab water molecules out of the air, and never release them. It can reduce the atmospheric humidity to 1% RH and remove all liquid water overnight.

Order here: https://evap.us
Only $20, every family should have one.

EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

Studies show that 2 of 3 people will get their smartphone wet. For a fraction of that cost you can rescue your wet electronics with the Kensington EVAP kit.

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