Jun 5 2013
Eluma Complete Electronic Cigarette Kit

Eluma Complete Electronic Cigarette Kit

Eluma “Complete” starter kit

The Eluma “Epack” Charges your batteries, holds 4 cartridges & 2 Batteries
2 Eluma Batteries
1 Atomizer
1 Wall Charger & 1 usb Charger
25 Cartridges in the flavor & nicotine strength of your choice.(Equivelant to 25 packs of cigarettes)
“Eluma Challenge” Guarantee.(If you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days, return your kit and any unused cartridges for a NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND)

Eluma flavor cartridges
Patented design produces the highest volume of “Vapor” consistently
Uniquely developed flavors by Eluma – more being introduced regularly
Varying nicotine levels available – from Full-flavored to Non-nicotine
Eluma cartridges hold more than twice the liquid of other brands
300 puffs from each cartridge!

What’s makes Eluma special?
Eluma is the world’s highest quality electronic cigarette
Use Eluma anywhere, smoking bans don’t apply
Eluma E-pack charges your Eluma batteries while you’re on the go
No tar, no tobacco, no ash & no odor
Looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette
Up to 80% less expensive than traditional cigarettes

Eluma customer testimonials
I cannot believe you called me right after I received my ELUMA to see if I needed any assistance setting it up!
I’ve now been “Analog free” for over 2 months. I thank you so much.
YOU CANT SMOKE THAT IN HERE!!” I said “Smoke what? I’m vaping an ELUMACIG!.
I am a school teacher and until now I’ve had to go outside when the kids are at recess to sneak a cigarette. Now I still wait until recess but I can sit at my desk and use my ELUMA.
One of the first reasons I decided to buy an ElumaCig was because of the cost savings. The truth is now I could care less if it costs the same. Why? How about because I haven’t coughed or hacked in over a month!

A Great Alternative to Old Fashioned Cigarettes:

* Vapor “smoke” looks just like real smoke but dissipates quickly with no lingering foul smell
* Won’t leave that yellow stain on your teeth
* No smoker’s breath or lingering smell on your clothing, car, office or home
* Smoke indoors rather than being relegated to the back yard or designated smoking area
* No second hand smoke
* No more dirty ashtrays littering your home and car
* No risk of falling asleep with a lit cigarette
* No burns on clothing and furniture
* You will have plenty of extra matches for your barbecue


* Built in smart chip
* Our American engineer has vastly improved the efficiency of our e-cigarette
* Our nicotine solutions are developed by an American chemist and use only food grade additives
* All fluids and nicotine are added in the U.S.
* No tar – no flame – no carbon monoxide – No fillers other than propylene glycol and glycerin (common food additives) plus natural and artificial flavorings – No second hand smoke

Save Money

* Lifetime Warranty
* Significant savings over smoking old fashioned cigarettes
* One of our cart-o-misers are equal to approximately 3 packs of cigarettes while the typical e-cigarette cartridge available today is equal to ½ to ¾ of a pack of cigarettes
* Cart-o-misers available in No Nicotine, Ultra Light, Light, and Full Flavor.


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