Jul 19 2010
Electronic Cigarettes: Smoke-free wonders

‘An eco-friendly alternative for the baleful habit of smoking is in!’- Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Believe me, it’s good and it’s true! Electronic cigarettes have become the biggest craze among young smokers owing to these Ecigs’ greatest smoke-less and tar-free features. The smoke-less electrically charged Cigarettes, are not offensive in society at all and do not have deadly effects on your health. These are built with special vaporizing devices and removable cartridges that contain pure nicotine and propylene glycol which ultimately provide the smokers with real smoking experience. Listed below are some of my personal favorite Ecigs available online. An important caution while choosing the best electronic cigarettes online is to make sure that these are laboratory tested and use high quality nicotine with zero carcinogens.

Smoke Anywhere! Try Direct E-Cig On Us!

This website has got amazing collection of yummy flavours of Icings and is very safe on your health. The website offers lifetime Eking warranty to its customers and free shipping and handling offers. Direct ECigs has also earned a lot of fame through its mention in Media coverage by CNN and abc.

Try LUCI for 30-days Use LUCI anywhere, even indoors. No Second-hand smoke, no tar

If you are a chain-smoker and want to save some money and looking for a healthier and greener way to smoke then you must try the Icings at Luci. These are dentist recommended ECigs which do not cause yellowish teeth and bad breath. Saving money is easier with

the website as LUCI offers to save more than 1000 USD on your purchases. The starter kits, the trial pack for 30 days and the savings calculator on the website are interesting and worth a try.

SmokeStik ™ E-Cigarettes. Rated Best Tasting. SALE…GET 10% Off Today!

The best advantage of Electronic Cigs is that they do not burn. If you are looking for something that is nicotine free and just for impersonating the smoker SmokeStik Ecigs are the best picks. The use of cartomizers in them makes them very easy to use and replace and they have longer life. You can get fashionable and classy platinum SmokeStik units to turn those heads.

CigArrest – Quit Smoking in 7 DAYS

Nothing is a better solution to smoking than to quit it. If you want to stop the habit once and for all, try the tablets from CigArrest. The website manufactures tablets and drugs that help smokers  to quit the silent killer using a special patented formula. The welcome Kit is 100% risk free and is accompanied by CigArrests’ chewable tablets, Gum, Vitamins and a few multimedia resources that helps you quit smoking.

Final word on Electronic Cigarettes – ECigs are here to stay! You just have to choose the best one and experience the pleasure in a safer way.

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