Nov 15 2013
Discover over 500 Free eBooks on TheReadingRoom

Discover over 500 Free eBooks on TheReadingRoom

TheReadingRoom is a social discovery platform for books, allowing you to connect with like-minded people, get trusted recommendations and read reviews from a global community and trusted sources. We deliver the best experience where everyone can discover, share and easily purchase books.


Discover & Buy your next great read

Your next great read has never been easier to find with more than 5,000,000 titles on TheReadingRoom. Get trusted recommendations, browse the bookshelves of like-minded readers, read expert and member reviews.

Review & Share what you’ve read

A good book is always worth sharing. TheReadingRoom makes it easy to share your thoughts with others. Whether it’s a review, a rating or discussion in one of over 1,000 bookclubs, your views help others discover great books.


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