Mar 20 2011
Dell Customer Support Experience @dell @dellcares Part III

The saga continues with Dell.

I purchased a Dell notebook almost two months ago and have dealt with one issue after another

First the system would not do system updates. I spent several weeks on that.

Then the webcam was not functioning, which actually it never worked from day 1. Since I was not able to do the system updates I never even bothered to use any part of the system. Why bother if your system doesn’t do system updates.

So now almost two months later, I have a system that has a non-functioning webcam and the keyboard is defective and the wireless card cuts in and out.

This system is not very good. But this is going to be by project to see how screwed up Dell can be when it comes to customer service and support.

Just to prove another point, when I purchased the system I must have not hit the right option for the extended warranty, which at the time is was offered at $260 for 3 years onsite. So I have been fighting with numerous reps in India to resolve the issue. Dell refuses to honor the price on the extended warranty at time of checkout after you purchase the system, saying that it is a special one time offer.

So, I pleaded with the reps asking them to please honor the price, and the best they could do is something like over $400. I was thinking how screwed up this must be.

I am stuck with 1 year depot repair. I have to send in the computer, and have no computer for minimum 5 days!

Surprise ,I get a call from a Dell Extended Warranty Support rep…. yesterday and he offers me a better price than that on the website, he has no idea what I have been through and could care less. But in the back of my mind I’m just thinking how screwed up Dell is. This is just not right! So to top things off, the rep offers me 4 YEARS ONSITE WARRANTY for $338.28! and to top it off… $75 gift card to use on Dell products.

Dell will pay for the hell they are putting me through. This experience will never be forgotten and already I have spend dozens of hours on the line with multiple support reps in India. One service tech has made a visit, and another will be making a visit next week to fix the webcam, keyboard issues.

This has got to be costing Dell well over $300 at this point in parts and labor.

This could be averted if Dell had just sent me a computer with none of these problems.

Is this system a lemon? Is it poorly designed?

Some parts of it I do like, and others I do not. The keyboard is not very good, as well as the placement of the USB ports.

From a design standpoint, the hard drive requires at least a dozen screws be removed.

If anyone at Dell is reading this my case number is 832479161.

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