Nov 8 2010
Convenience right in your finger tips

The convenience of technology has finally reached even the smallest routines of our lives. Definition of convenience covers the use of less cash and more of a financial card of some sort like credit card, debit or prepaid card. Usually these cards can be accessed online through your regular cellphone or your laptop. The Upside visa prepaid card is one grand example of doing your transactions the quick and easy way. Loading cash is easy as accessing to any of the 50, 000 retailers worldwide and if you have a regular job you can direct all your salary through the card reloading it regularly with your hard earned money.

The power of the Upside Visa prepaid card extends to just purchasing and paying with the convenience of a card but it also gives you the power to write personal checks online and this is the flexibility of online banking in its finest form. Think of it as being safe and secure when you do the joys of shopping and buying as you won’t bring heavily bundled cash inside your bag eradicating the chances of being burglarized by a crook. The $0.99 monthly fee on a $500 reload is without a doubt a gem of savings compared to other prepaid cards.

Enjoy cash rewards while having your Upside Visa prepaid card in your midst 500 points once you have your card activated online. 1000 points given to you once you sign up for a direct deposit and an extra five points once you spend a dollar on cell phone refills. So in case you reach 2000 points you can redeem it for 20 dollars credited straight to your card. The convenience is in the palm of your hands and with Upside Visa Prepaid Card you know that you are on the right purchasing track.

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