Aug 14 2010
Monitor your kids’ internet access with Safe Eyes-Internet safety at its best!

For parents who want to monitor their children’s internet presence, SafeEyes is one of the best ways to save children from dangerous traps of the internet. With cyber crimes and abuses on the rise, every parent would want to control the child’s visits to websites or internet content that is inappropriate, the persons to whom the kid is interacting via chats or IMs or networking sites, adjust or select the time spent online to make sure children aren’t sidetracked and most of all don’t face tragic situations in their life due to internet.

We come across news about many children who are fooled by tricksters online and several cases of kids ruining their lives by watching filthy content on the internet. Although internet is an ocean of knowledge, a single wrong exposure can cost sleepless nights for the kid and parents too. Why take a chance when you have Safe eyes Parental Control Software?   The software kit includes

  • Content controls
  • Program Controls
  • Time Controls
  • Usage Logging
  • Usage Alerts

It has all the internet filtering facilities with amazing customizable features in it. The feature comparison made on Safe Eyes website is amazing. Parents can now control every little move of the kid on the internet. The achievements of the website are a proof of the wonderful working of the software and its high quality. For example, according to Independent Testing, Safe Eyes leads all other competitors and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by MacFan Magazine. It has also earned a special mention in the news channels and media coverage by CNN, NewYork Times, The Wall Street Journal etc.

Nothing is a better gift for your child than safety and Safe Eyes will let you ensure your kid is safe on the net and under your control. Order now and you can save 10%. Use the promo code: safety  Click here to know more!


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