Aug 24 2012
Compound Savings At The Click Of A Button With

The recession shows no sign of abaiting and continues to hit our economy hard. Everyone is struggling in one way or another and you don’t have to be a high flying FTSE 500 company to realise that contingency plans need to be made and help taken wherever it is offered.

For the average Joe, it’s very much a case of looking for the cheapest deals and finding the bargains that will help them stretch their budget as far as it will go and it isn’t always easy to set aside the time or the energy to achieve that. Luckily for us, someone had the ingenious idea to set up a website that gathered together hundreds of deals on a huge variety of everyday household goods. has been set up with a slightly different strategy in mind. Rather than offer one large deal, it offers potentially hundreds of money off coupons and savings vouchers for the more mundane everyday items that every household needs. It might not be glamorous, but it is effective.

Simply register your details and indicate your most frequently visited stores and a huge variety of monet savings schemes are there to be explored. Decide whether you want Money-Off Coupons or YourBucks Vouchers allowing you to receive money back vouchers for your next purchase of a particular itemĀ and add them to your Savings Wallet. A realtime calculation is displayed that totals up all of your potential savings and it is impressive how much and how quickly it all adds up. When you’re done, simply print the vouchers and get yourself to the store!

Get a host of savings and added value from the little essentials in life and visit

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