Jul 23 2016
“Comic-Con” – The Craziest Event Ever!

What’s all the hype around about “Comic-Con”? Despite its’ popularity and the attention it continues to gather each year, I’m sure still many of us really haven’t heard much about the most-happening, the well-known international Comic-Con event! So, in this article, you get an insight on the international event that you’ve not known until now.


The ABC {All (a)Bout Comic-Con}

The name – Comic-Con International is an event hosted each year at San Diego which is commonly known as Comic-Con or the San Diego Comic-Con or “SDCC“. It’s a four-day event (Thursday–Sunday) held during the summer at the San Diego Convention Center, California. It was founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970 by a group of San Diegans, which included Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry.

At the Comic-Con event, along with panels, seminars and workshops with comic book professionals, there are previews of upcoming feature films, and portfolio review sessions with top comic book and video game companies. The evenings at the event include awards ceremonies, the annual Masquerade costume contest, and the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, which showcases shorts and feature-length movies that do not have distribution or distribution deals.

Comic-Con features a large floor space for exhibitors where media companies such as movie studios and TV networks, comic-book dealers and collectibles merchants participate in exhibitions. The event also includes an autograph area, as well as the Artists’ Alley where comic artists can sign autographs and sell or do free sketches. While at the event, many animated shows are represented, a high number of non-animated shows are also promoted by studios and the networks along with Sci-fi TV shows, HBO and Showtime which are also big attractions for people.


 Why is Comic-Con so Popular?

Here’s why everyone talks about the San Diego Comic-Con event in the United States.

Comic-Con’s an international event held each year globally that caters to and/or deals with different parts of pop-culture and media. While people get to visit anime conventions, gaming conventions, comic-specific conventions, and others that deal with a specific part of popular media; they are fairly small. Whereas, San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) deals with it all at once which makes it HUGE and therefore attracts a much bigger crowd.

Another reason for Comic-Con’s popularity is its’ geographic existence and relationship with Hollywood, i.e., the fact that Hollywood is in close proximity to San Diego. A fact that a major portion of the people who spend their money on the movies and related merchandise are seen attending the SDCC event too; hence, making the Comic-Con event lot more popular.

The Comic-Con event was held this year from July 21 – July 24 at the San Diego Convention Center that had thousands of heads turning up at the event making it once again a huge hit!

Here’s a quick run-down on things you need to know before you attend the craziest Comic-Con event next year.


The M&M (Media & Magazine)

Comic-Con has gained tremendous media attention as it’s seen to be mentioned in a number of TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and NBC‘s Chuck in the episode “Chuck Versus the Sandworm” where the characters enjoy attending the event. Also, Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock released a documentary movie in 2011 at the convention named Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. The Writer Robert Salkowitz used the 2011 Comic-Con as a backdrop for his book Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture focusing on the analysis of the comics industry’s 21st century dilemmas and what the future has in store for it.

Comic-Con Magazine originated from a one-shot issue of The Spirit, based on Comic-Con, and sold exclusively in 1976 at the San Diego Comic-Con International. It was formerly known as Update, The Comic-Con Magazine debuted as Update in July 2005 and mainly focused on the winners of the Eisner Awards. The new Comic-Con Magazine features interviews with Comic-Con attendees and complete coverage of the Comic-Con events.


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Be ready for Comic-Con 2017 and stay safe while you get crazy like never before at the “Comic-Con” event!

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