Sep 25 2021
City of Pasadena Leadership Changes – What is Going on? Loss of Many Years of Experience and Knowledge

Maybe it’s just a sign of the times and it is coincidental, but there is some cause for concern that there are many positions within the city experiencing a change.

So far we know that

City Manager Steve Mermell- is exiting/retiring on Dec 2. 2021. having worked for the city for approx  32 years

Assistant City Manager Julie Gutierrez, exiting November 18, 2021, having worked for the city for approx 32 years

Police Chief John Perez, having worked for the city for approx 36 years

Andy Wilson – Councilmember representing District 7, and is currently Vice-Mayor, is not seeking re-election to spend his time as Executive Director for The Alliance for Southern California Innovation (, a nonprofit established to accelerate the growth of high tech and life science start-ups in the Southern California region.

We have also heard that the Pasadena Fire Department is also undergoing some changes in leadership.

While all these changes are cause for concern, what is more concerning is that the current Mayor has not stayed in front of these developments and communicated with the residents of these developments and a plan to fill the positions being left open.

Meanwhile, homelessness and crime are increasing in the city.

There is talk of a possible 8th district being formed for the central/downtown area of Pasadena.






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