Oct 4 2010
netBAT Makes Celebrity Endorsement Easy and Make Money with Your Website

NetBat provides quality celebrity content and data with information on over 38, 000 celebrities. Celebrities include actors/actresses, athletes, chefs, TV/Radio personalities and musicians; from the rising star to the seasoned pro.

NetBAT for advertisers makes the endorsement process simple. By using their bat platform you can search for talent that is perfect for your product, client or need. Talent on BAT’s platform ranges from rising stars to seasoned pro’s and you will be able to research license and distributes celebrities in days not months.

Each celebrity has a profile on bat’s platform with important information. Biography, statistics, pictures and an easier way to send offers to talent’s agents are all at your fingertips thanks to BAT.

NetBAT is also always keeping you up to date. If you are an advertiser you can view reports on sponsor welcome impressions, featured app balloon impressions, wiper impressions, banner ad impressions, interaction rate with your app, time spent within your app and time spent in your sponsored netBat session.

As a publisher you can use netBAT as well. NetBAT appears as an overlay on your website, over the celebrity pictures. Consumers to your website then can click on a way to interact with apps, like Twitter, YouTube, search and more. If there is copy on your website related to celebrities, netBAT will underline it and the netBAT icon will appear to let consumers know there is more. Every time the netBAT app tray appears the website earns a percentage.

Finally, for the netBAT app developers you put your app in front of 40 million monthly online users. With netBAT you can increase your app consumers, increased app relevancy and now you can earn revenue if you use netBAT. Consumers will be able to purchase your app on iTunes if you use netBAT.

NetBAT covers all your needs for generating more revenue and getting the quality celebrity news for you.

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