Dec 12 2016
Can The DOW Break 20,000 Before 2017?

With less than 20 days before 2016 comes to a close, some are wondering if the stock market DOW can break past 20,000, it is within reach, perhaps the run up after the election with Trump the “elected” President of the United States, many believed that things would get worse right away, perhaps it will take time before we see the impacts of Trump’s selected cabinet appointments, there is plenty of evidence that those with money will make more money, the rich will get richer.

Will Trump and his team “make American  Great Again”, is to be seen.

Trump apparently claiming to have sold all his stock assets, in June of 2016 is also very interesting.

That Warren Buffett’s holdings have increased in value by many billions after the election is also of interest.

Will Trump ever release his tax returns, and are those who voted for him starting to believe he may not keep his word?

Does Trump really tweet his own tweets, or does a team of people led by family member named Project Alamo control the media for Trump.

Just over the weekend the CIA and Trump are clashing over the Russian  involvement in the election.

There are many concerns developing and Trump replacing those he can replace with those who serve his interest or as payback for helping his campaign or causes.

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