Jun 4 2012
Build Your Mobile Site For Free with Google and DudaMobile

Around 11% of your page views are now coming from mobile devices. In the next 18 months, you can expect 15 – 30% of your site traffic to come from mobile.1

As an AdSense publisher, it’s important that you give your visitors a great mobile experience. Just because your desktop site is visible on a mobile device doesn’t mean your customers are able to interact with your site easily.

That’s why we’re introducing GoMo, a Google initiative to help businesses like yours build mobile sites.

Visit howtogomo.com and use our GoMoMeter to get a customized report on your site performance and personalized recommendations for making it more mobile-friendly.

As part of this initiative, we’ve partnered with DudaMobile to provide you with a customized tool to build & host a version of your mobile site for free. You will be able to add AdSense ad units to start monetizing your new mobile site right away.

  • See how customers see your site on mobile
  • Learn about the 10 Mobile Site Best Practices
  • Find tools and developers to help you build a mobile website
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