Jan 11 2010
Best real estate search

Yahoo real estate was launched with an idea of providing the most relevant and comprehensive set of information along with tools to both the sellers and the renters.  With its large collection of database yahoo real estate would be able to provide a wide-range listings.  It gives a complete new experience of searching over the web.  It has access to over three million homes for sale and apartments for rent.  Apart from providing this wide-range listings alone, Yahoo also provides the various tools and products that makes searching yet easier for people.  Yahoo! Real estate has popular types of properties listed with it.  The properties would include single family homes, newly constructed property, land, farms etc.  Yahoo’s online real estate site offers some of the basic search features which include the price, bed, zip etc.  But the search cannot be made according to multiple listing services.  The search also can not be made according to the facilities like garage, fireplace etc.  After registration with the site, search could be made either according to zip code or by MLS also.  When registration is being made, the user might have to agree to a term which would allow the agents to contact the user.  Yahoo is said to be the only site to have included more listing information like full address, price per square foot in the search area, active date etc., than any other real estate sites that could be reviewed.  Yahoo also includes a map for the search being made.  Yahoo is best for real estate search as it provides vital information like the mentioning of the full address and the provision of a map for every address.

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