Aug 11 2013
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If you play mobile games on your phone, you’ve probably been invited to a variety of them by your friends. These games take advantage of the ‘social’ aspect of gaming and allow you to play with friends, even though your friends may be thousands of miles away! Some of the most popular of these games include Words with Friends and the ever popular, Scrabble. If you’re like me, then you probably find yourself stump every now and again, needing help finding a word to use with the letters you have left. This is where the site, BoLS Boardgames comes in handy. With BoLS Boardgames, you can input anywhere between 2 and 10 letters into their Scrabble Word Finder, to give you a list of possible words to use. This makes playing so much easier! Scrabble Word Finder

BoLS Boardgames doesn't just stop there. Another of their very popular tools is the Scrabble Dictionary. If you are uncertain about whether a word is valid or not during a game, you can enter the word into the BoLS dictionary and get a color-coded answer on whether the word is valid. A green square means the word is valid, with red indicating the word was not found.

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With the help of BoLS Boardgames you can become a Scrabble Master. They have made playing Words with Friends and Scrabble so much fun. I used to get stumped all the time; now I used the BoLS site! In addition to the Scrabble Dictionary and Scrabble Word Finder, BoLS Boardgames also offers users a section of tips and tricks that are sure to help you up your game.

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The online dictionary has helped me expand my vocabulary, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free! So with a little practice using the tools of BoLS Boardgames, you can become a Scrabble master just like me!

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