Oct 22 2010
Anna Chapman

Apart from being charge of sharing delicate U.S. information to a Russian government official, Anna Chapman is also a professional holding a masters degree in economics and having an online real estate business to deal with. Anna Chapman is accused of being a Russian spy maybe cultivated by the fact that she is an ardent follower of spy movies as claimed by his ex husband. This 28 year old Russian native is also called the Lady in Red, claiming that she holds the distinction of being the face of the Russian spy ring even though evidences claim otherwise of her having a small part on the organization. After being charge on June 28, 2010, Chapman pleaded guilty to the charges and was deported back to Russia in exchange for four accused spies. According to the plea agreement Chapman cannot make a profit out of her life story and in case she does proceed with this action the revenues garnered from it will be given to the U.S. government. Along with Chapman four middle-aged couples are also charged for conspiring with her for sharing U.S. secrets through high tech devices. Entering U.S. soil by changing to the American way of life with fake names Chapman was also charge with money laundering along with the spy involvement.

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