Nov 10 2010
An instant messenger on the rise

How many times does an application get downloaded to be considered top notch. A million downloads by users from all over the world that is the number that makes Kik messenger the most sought after application used for Blackberry, Iphone and Android. The 1 million user mark was achieved in only 15 days and rises to 25,000 users every hour. So what makes it different from the rest, with Kik Messenger you’ve got NASDAQ RIMM, NASDAQ GOOG, AND NASDAQ AAPL all staying in line and communicating with one another. It replaces the traditional texting communication with real time chat; you get the features like push notification and an icon for delivered, sent and received messages. The skyrocketing downloads came about because users have found the joys of connecting with friends while enjoy chat messages efficiently. Plus you’ve got the big three most used platforms of this era making it very accessible and with Kik Messenger getting bigger because of plans in creating a feature called Sneaky Rhino in which accessing a TV DVR or a computers music collection could be possible. Kik Messenger is kicking in the right direction so to speak time can only tell when it would really profit out of the abundance of technology.

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