Dec 31 2010
Activeion HOM Use Water to Clean

Did you know that you can turn ordinary water into a powerful cleaning agent? Using the Activeion HOM, you can call almost all household germs as well as cleaning away muck and grime!

The Activeion HOM works by giving the water it sprays a slight electrical charge, which fills the water with bubbles and makes it behave more actively. As the water hits the surface, the charged particles interact with the grime, lifting away and bubbling off dirt. As an added bonus, the electrical charge, while perfectly safe for humans is very dangerous to microbes and will kill most bugs- including the infamous H1N1 influenza strain.

So, let’s recap that so far- the Activeion HOM is a device that takes ordinary tap water and turns it into a potent cleaning agent suitable and safe for almost any surface with the added bonus that it destroys germs with the effectiveness of a bleach- and without any of the harmful and unpleasant characteristics of other domestic cleaning solutions.

Activeion’s cleaning solutions are perfect if you own small pets such as rats or hamsters. Any good owner knows the dangers of using cleaning chemicals on the cages of these little critters, and often you need to resort to expensive specialist chemicals designed specifically not to harm animals. With an Activeion solution, this problem is solved- Activeion is only dangerous to bacteria and other infectious organisms and after about 15 seconds it becomes inert water again- simply wipe it off along with the dirt and there is no lingering chemical or substance that could be harmful to your pet. But of course, if you yourself react badly to chemicals, an Activeion product may be just the solution for you.

The Activeion HOM, and its big bad brother the EXP could save you a fortune in cleaning bills, and is suitable for almost any domestic surface. Find out more at Activeion products.

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