Jan 5 2010

Do you like to get books at a great price? Then AbeBooks is the online marketplace for you.

Finding your favorite books is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Find books
2. Buy books
3. Get books

How to Find Books:
# Use the search box on the homepage, or the one in the right column on this page to find the book you want by author, title, keyword or ISBN.
# Advanced search allows you to search for books by other criteria like price, publisher and attribute (e.g. first edition, signed).
# For searches resulting in too many books use the “Narrow Your Results” tools to refine your search e.g. by “Seller Location”.

How to Buy Books
# You can buy with confidence from any of AbeBooks’ thousands of professional booksellers.
# AbeBooks accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB, and many of our independent booksellers accept other payment methods such as checks, money orders, or PayPal.
# Our booksellers guarantee the condition of every book as it is described on our web site.

How to Get Books
# Your order is shipped directly from the bookseller to you.
# You can contact the bookseller directly if you have questions about your order. You can also track your order online or contact AbeBooks.
# Lower shipping costs by selecting books from a bookseller in the same area as your shipping destination.

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