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Dec 16 2013
Dr Zizmor Discusses Winter Skin Care Tips

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr Zizmor for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dr Zizmor Discusses Winter Skin Care Tips


As part of his effort to help to slow the aging process of the skin and look younger, Dr Zizmor warns patients to be especially careful about caring for the skin during the cold weather seasons. Some individuals think that only sun can be harmful to the skin. The doctor counsels patients about the benefits of a regimen of skin care at home.


Some of the effects of cold weather on the exposed skin include chapped and cracked areas. The conditions are exacerbated by furnace air blasts, low humidity and freezing temperatures outdoors. The skin may become so dry that it cracks. The lips can likewise become dry and chapped to the point of pain. The skin can become red, dry and itchy. Such symptoms are not resolved by extra moisturized.


Patients might suffer from Rosacea which can worsen during cold weather. This condition causes the small blood vessels to expand and become more obvious. There are often bumps that resemble acne lesions. The condition is usually addressed with a retinoid cream, topical antibiotic, oral antibiotic or laster therapy. Wear a scarf for outdoor treks.


Psoriasis is another condition that becomes more prevalent during winter months. Phototherapy treatments are available at the office of Dr Jonathan Zizmor. Flareups can be controlled with light therapy, retinoid and vitamin D3.


Winter skin can be subject to eczema. These are patches of dry, itchy and scaly skin, often on the hands. The doctor recommends applying an oil-based moisturizer to hands, ears and face as needed. Gloves should be worn when outdoors. The doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines or topical corticosteroid creams for areas which tend to itch.


Don't quit using sunscreen, just because the sun is not as direct. It is known that ice and snow on the surface reflect about eighty percent of the sun's rays. You should cover up the at-risk areas daily. Apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen  to any exposed skin each day. Don't forget lipstick or lip balm with SPF.


Dermatology is the field of medicine that addresses conditions that affect nails, hair and skin. Dermatologists go through the regular training and internship for a medical degree, followed by three additional years to qualify for the specialty. Dr. Zizmor has been practicing in the area for a number of years and is anxious to help patients resolve areas where winter extremes happen, ready or not! More information about dermatology can be seen at Dr Jonathan Zizmor, MD



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Dec 14 2013
Christmas Tree Sales New Mexico Valles Caldera Cut Your Own Tree
Christmas Tree Sales
Date Sunday December 15, 2013
Contact Emily Blumenthal
[email protected]

Christmas Trees:  Continuing thru December 24, visitors to the Valles Caldera National Preserve can either cut their own Christmas tree or purchase a precut tree while supplies last. Tree cutting permits and precut trees will be sold at the Valle Grande Information Center and Gift Shop from 9 am – 5 pm Friday through Sunday.

Visitors can cut their own trees for a permit fee of $10.00. A map and directions to the cutting area will be provided with your permit.   Once you obtain a permit, be prepared to drive an additional 12 miles to the cutting area.  High clearance vehicles are recommended, and chains and/or four-wheel drive may also be necessary if snow conditions exist.

Visitors can also choose to purchase a precut Christmas tree at the visitor’s center for $20 to $30.  Proceeds from precut trees go to Los Amigos –  The friends of  Valles Caldera Trust.  The height and species of trees cut will vary.  Basically, the trees are similar in species and growth to what a person can find on the Santa Fe National Forest. These are natural growing trees (i.e. we don’t trim color or prep them like a tree farm.)

The Valle Grande Information Center and Gift Shop is located at the Valle Grande Staging Area.  Exit State Hwy. 4 at mile marker 39.2. Proceed north on the access road for two miles.  The access road is often snow covered and icy during the winter season, so take necessary precautions.  For current road conditions dial 511 or visit

Please note that the Valles Caldera National Preserve Christmas tree permits do not apply to the Santa Fe National Forest lands or any other federal, state, or local land management areas. 



The first of this season’s four moonlight x-country skiing and snowshoeing events will be this Saturday. Purchase your Skiing and Snowshoeing Permit at the Valle Grande Information Center and Gift Shop as late as 8:00 PM and enjoy the full moon, bonfires, and the stars until 9:00 PM.

The first of our two free days offered this season will be Public Appreciation Day this Sunday, December 15. Bring the whole family to take advantage free skiing and snowshoeing from the Valle Grande Staging Area (VGSA) from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

Don’t forget to buy your Christmas Tree at the VGSA this weekend. You can also buy a permit to cut your own tree for a $10.00 fee. Trees and permits will be on sale from 9:00 AM -5:00 PM this Friday through Sunday and from December 20 through December 24.

For more information please contact Emily Blumenthal at 505-428-7722 or email
[email protected]

Don’t forget to buy your Christmas Tree at the Valles Caldera this weekend. If you prefer you can also buy a permit to cut your own for $10.00. We’re open from 9:00 AM -5:00 PM today through Sunday. For more information go to:

Dec 14 2013
PizzaRev Open in Burbank @pizzarevco

Burbank Grand Opening PizzaRev

175 E. Palm Ave.
Burbank, California 91502
(818) 238-0149
[email protected]

PizzaRev serves personal-sized made-to-order unlimited topping pizzas for $7.99 (about 11″ diameter).


Now Crafting in Burbank!
The doors swung open for the first time Thursday, and guests are now crafting their own custom-built artisanal pizzas at the newly opened PizzaRev in downtown Burbank!  “We are incredibly excited to be opening our newest location this week in the ‘media capital of the world.’ We think PizzaRev will be a great addition to the fast-growing Burbank restaurant scene,” said Nicholas Eckerman, one of the founders of PizzaRev. The location sits conveniently nearby the AMC Movie Theaters in the walking Palm Plaza at 175 E. Palm Ave.  (at N. San Fernando Blvd).  The location features a “Freestyle” Coke machine, as well as a “Rev It Up” condiment station with loads of options to customize your pizza with added zing!

Burbank – Social Media Fan Appreciation Night!
To participate, simply Like or Follow PizzaRev – Burbank’s Facebook , Instagram  or Twitter page and show your like/follow status via your phone or a print-out to a claim a FREE PIZZA on Sunday night, December 15th, from 5pm to 10pm.  You can also qualify by simply showing or printing this email.  One free pizza per person. You must be present to order. No phone/online orders. Offer valid only at PizzaRev’s Burbank location.

Holiday Gift Card Promotion

Give the gift of PizzaRev this holiday season to a friend or loved one and score one Free Pizza!  To qualify, simply spend $25 or more on one gift card at PizzaRev before December 31, 2013, and we’ll give you a voucher for a free pizza on your next visit!  You can even buy the card online and we’ll mail it to you along with your free pizza voucher. Click here to purchase online right now!

Mint-Chocolate Chip Dessert – Pizza of the Month

Introducing December’s Pizza of the Month – Mint-Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza! This delectable twist on our dessert pizza is guaranteed to please peppermint fans right through the holiday season! Be sure to try it while it lasts!


Dec 14 2013
The COOLEST Cooler – All In One Party Machine

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FaceoneMarketing for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking to be the hit of any party, in particular those summer parties? They look no further, with the introduction of the COOLEST you can be the center of the party, any party!

The goal of the COOLEST is to make it easier to have more fun anywhere with family and friends, and nothing draws a crowd like cold blended drinks and good music. The COOLEST is the world’s first portable cooler with a built-in ice-crushing blender, Bluetooth speakers to stream your music, in-cooler lighting, and adjustable tie-downs to help carry all your stuff.

The Cooler that Really is The Coolest

The Coolest – The Cooler that Really is BBQ's just got a whole lot easier!

The Coolest: Cooler with Blender, Music and So Much More | Summer More Fantastic & Easier to Manage

The ‘Coolest’ is just getting started where your typical cooler ends. Check out these NEVER SEEN before features to the COOLEST:

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cold, blended drink. This 18-volt powerhouse blender can blend ice, fruit, smoothies, and footballs ALL DAY LONG on a single charge.

Outdoor gatherings are more fun with blended drinks, and the COOLEST has you covered with the push-of-a-button.

If life is supposed to be a party, then you better bring the music. You’re gathered around the cooler anyway so now you can DJ the music right from your phone or Blue-tooth enabled device directly to your COOLEST. Just turn your phone on, match it with the COOLEST speaker, and rock out with your bad self.

Carrying your gear to and from your destination can be a hassle, and your old cooler isn’t doing you any favors.

The COOLEST’s locking tie-downs are like having a roof-rack on your cooler so three trips can be done in one. Easily secure your lawn chairs, blankets, towels, toys, fishing tackle, or grill.

The party doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down, and you shouldn’t have to freeze your fingers searching endlessly for your favorite drink.

The ‘Coolest’ has LED lights embedded in the lid so you easily find what you’re looking for. LED lights last forever, and ours turn on or off with the push of a button.

Your teeth. Your keys. Your lighter. Your wedding ring. The curb. The car bumper. From this day forth, these things need not ever again open your beer. Introducing the built-in bottle opener. Innovation, right!

You’ll never have to ask for or lose another bottle opener again. Finally.

Decorate your COOLEST to match your style by choosing of any four of our 36 colors. The permanent, durable, waterproof decals will make the COOLEST as cool as you can imagine.

Nothing goes better with cold drinks than hot food, so I worked really hard to locate and customize an AWESOME portable GRILL for to pair with the COOLEST.

The GRILL locks onto the top of the lid of the COOLEST for easy transport to your party, then pops off easily and can sit evenly on any surface you want — put the GRILL on your tailgate, on your patio, or on the grass or table at the park.

Check out the video below and see this dual-burner, stainless steel, 20,000BTU portable GRILL in action:


The Coolest: Cooler with Blender, Music and So Much More | Blend Something Wonderful

  photo Twitter_Picnic_zps45ba5851.png

Video 1

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Dec 13 2013
BenQ Store Outlet Offers Deals for Holiday Giving and Throughout the Year

BenQ Store Outlet Offers Deals for Holiday Giving and Throughout the Year

BenQ Store Outlet has a wide selection of deals on various electronic devices. These prices are perfect for making the holiday gift giving budgtet go much further. Special pricing and offers are low every day. In addition there are even better savings on refurbished items, overstocked inventory and items from the clearance bins. The inventory is kept fresh and new, so it pays to check back periodically.

A wide range of items are available on the well-designed web pages. Purchasers can choose projectors, LCD monitors, large size LCD display items, all-in-one PCs. Notebooks and netbooks are another type of device that can be found on the website. BenQ digital cameras and eBook readers are popular items and various mobile devices can also be found.

BenQ Store for projector and monitor deals

For buyers who are unfamiliar with the features for any particular product, BenQ offers a comprehensive list of things to look for in each of the major equipment groups carried by the online story. BenQ Outlet store has a unique online written guide to the features to look for before purchasing a specific set. One example, that of a refurbished gaming monitor asks viewers to consider some of the various features of the unit.

The website checklist includes asking the questions about data sheets, the monitors and gaming stations. For those individuals who want to upgrade equipment associated with the gaming industry, it is less jolting to the budget when the cost is at a significantly lower level.

Refurbishing equipment means that it is cleaned and tuned up so that the working parts are put back into full operational mode. These are units that have been picked up as trade-ins. They are quality pieces that have been previously owned. Gaming tournament demos are another type of unit that is available for buyers seeking a bargain price. The price ranges from very low  to economical.

The corporate entity has a motto of “Enjoyment Matters”. The concept is carried out in promoting productivity, enjoyment, freedom and simplicity in the products that are carried and promoted. The firm prides itself on offering proven expertise and resources toward product design, mobile solutions, visual display and network convergence technology.

More information about the full line of refurbished and used products is available at the website . Using the BenQ outlet  website is convenient, since the layout is intuitive. Users can sort product inventory by brand, size, product, condition, color, or other features.


Dec 13 2013
Pet Fancy – Pet Supplies @petfancy

Pet Fancy offers a vast and stylish selection of pet supplies that you and your pets are going to love! Modern, designer inspired, products such as beds, bowls & feeders, our signature bow tie collars, and, but not limited to, all natural treats for your dog and cat. We’re a growing pet supplies company determined to bring a little style to the ones we love.

Dec 11 2013
Yahoo Email Fiasco Goes From Bad to Worse

Just when you thought “free” email couldn’t get worse, we have Yahoo! email services which have been down for thousands of customers for the past three days, affect many thousands on several occasions for the past several weeks, and many as far back as October when the site was revamped.

What really is irritating about the problem is that they can’t fix it, and even more irritating the attitude from those in charge.

For thousands the recovery leaves a gap of email for the past 7 days.

“Yahoo Mail’s head Jeff Bonforte finally addressed the massive outage that has kept Mail users from sending or receiving email since at least November 25, in a blog post on the Yahoo Mail Tumblr.

As of this writing, Bonforte – the man who told employees at a staff meeting last Friday that the only way Yahoo Mail customers would leave the service was if Yahoo kicked Mail users in the [testicles] – is on Twitter hurrying to politely placate Mail’s outraged users.”

Why does Bonforte find it necessary to make such comments! So distasteful when it comes to respecting users. Now thousands if not millions of Yahoo email users will take action and move to Gmail or other email services.

And it does appear that AT&T/SBC email services are affected. So if you have email like I do, well email is not working!

Yahoo get your act together, and better yet, have some respect for users and stop trying to cover things up!

If you are a small business you should not be relying on Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft free email accounts for your business, register a domain and pay for hosting. You can always have a backup account and you can also forward email from one account to another as a backup. But it is wise to have more than one email and if you order or take leads have those emails go to more than one email.

Much easier to go in periodically and purge emails than not have access.

Also recommended that you have one account on a desktop that downloads emails from the server via POP so it serves as an archive of sorts in case you need to access.

Update: As of this morning there are still many users affected by the Yahoo email outage.


Dec 11 2013
Jemez Springs, NM Holiday December 14, 2013

Jemez Springs on Saturday, December 14th, 2013

* Library Bake & Book Sale – Shop for delicious holiday goodies and support the library and its many programs and services. Call 575-829-9155 for more info. Sponsored by Friends of the Jemez Springs Public Library.

* American Legion: Santa will be arriving at the American Legion on the Fire Truck at 2:00 pm. They will have a chance to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas, have their picture taken with Santa and within minutes have that great photo to take home. Enjoy farolitos and a festive atmosphere at the Legion Hall.

* Tree Lighting Ceremony – Tree decoration and caroling 4:40 pm. Santa arrives on the fire truck at 5:00 pm and will meet kids in the gazebo. Tree lighting ceremony 5:30 pm followed by community caroling around the tree.

* Light Among the Ruins – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, free after-hours event at the Jemez State Monument. The ruins of Giusewa Pueblo and San José de los Jemez Mission Church will be decorated with hundreds of traditional farolitos. The evening’s program will include traditional Native American flute music and Jemez Pueblo dancers performance between two illuminating bonfires, also known as luminarias.

* Free horse-drawn wagon rides from Los Ojos to the State Monument. Holiday refreshments. Bring the whole family!

Many local businesses will remain open later Saturday evening! Come shop, explore and experience Jemez Springs!

Dec 11 2013
Pick Your Own Produce – Fillmore, CA at The Green Oasis

Pick Your Own Produce in Fillmore, CA

The Green Oasis

Stop by and pick your own all natural produce
Spaghetti Squash
Farm Fresh Eggs

Great for anyone that loves wholesome food
Fun for families and kids
3531 E Telegraph Rd Fillmore, CA 93015
10 min from Magic Mountain

(407) 963-1768


Dec 10 2013
Google Chromecast Update Install

Google has apparently released an update to the firmware on the Chromecast. Perhaps after many reports of issues with a variety of routers.

This morning the update was downloaded and the updated applied automatically.

Now instead of the link you can go to

Set me up:

On your laptop or phone, visit

The images look a little different.

Trying the new setup now to see if it works better than the previous firmware.

The update appears to fix several issues when attempting to setup the Chromecast in particular the issues with some routers.

The software on your Chrome browser although still beta appears to work fairly well. You must use the Google Chrome browser in order to work the Chromecast.

You can see the latest version of the firmware in the Chromecast app. Latest Chromcast firmware appears to be 14651.


Dec 9 2013
Rose Parade Champagne Brunch! Paseo Pasadna Noor 2014 Rose Parade

See the Rose Parade in comfort with food and drink. Tickets are now on sale for Noor’s annual  Rose Parade Champagne Brunch! An elevated experience that is truly a VIP event. This event sells out every year so get your tickets now.Download the Ticket Order FormTo Place Your Order Today!

Enjoy the Rose Parade from a second floor ballroom with refreshments

Dec 9 2013
Old Oak Cellars – Pasadena’s only winery @OldOakCellars

Pasadena’s only winery, Old Oak Cellars, celebrates its first year in Pasadena

A family run winery bringing 20+ years of skilled winemaking traditions to Pasadena with Alexander Valley wines. 21 & over only. Please enjoy responsibly.

See some of the varieties of wines at the website.

2620 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 794-1244
[email protected]

Paul Overholt
Gregor Linde
Old Oak Cellars
24505 Chianti Road
Alexander Valley
Cloverdale, CA 95425
Ph.: 707-385-1732
Email: [email protected]

Dec 8 2013
NHL Hockey Series Ducks vs Kings Los Angeles Dodger Stadium 2013

NHL Hockey Series Ducks vs Kings Los Angeles Dodger Stadium 2013

NHL Stadium Series: Los Angeles Kings vs.
Anaheim Ducks

Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, California

Dec 6 2013
TASTE OF TAMALE food festival

TASTE OF TAMALE food festival

Los Angeles, CA
Coordinating Latino Festivals in Los Angeles area(818) 734-2701

e-mail: [email protected]

La Placita Olvera is located across the street from Union Station and one block from Chinatown. It is a host of many beautiful traditions held by our Latin Community. It is also known as El Pueblo de Los Angeles; a traditional Mexican style plaza area with shops for handcrafted Mexican souvenirs. Olvera Street is the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles in 1781.A tamale is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf or corn husk wrapper. The wrapping is discarded before eating. Tamales can be filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chilies or any preparation according to taste.

Mexican-style, Central America-style and South American-style tamales are featured at ethnic restaurants throughout California and the United States. There are also some distinctly indigenous styles. Tamales have been traced back to the Ancient Maya people, who prepared them for feasts. Maya people called their corn tortillas and tamales both Utah. Tamales were used as portable food, often to support their armies, but also for hunters and travelers.

At the “TASTE OF TAMALES food festival” (free entrance) in La Placita Olvera, more than 15,000 Latinos from different countries and 5,000 people from other nationalities will taste a full variety of Tamales (a holiday tradition) provided by Food Vendors and Restaurants of the Los Angeles area. They will also enjoy Arts & Crafts, Musical groups, 10,000 free toys for children, cooking books, Commercial Products, free health screenings, services and information provided by all type of exhibitors.

Dec 6 2013
2014 LA Bacon Festival

2014 LA Bacon Festival


The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Bacon Festival will take place Feb 8th at the Petersen Auto Museum, from 2pm to 6pm. Featuring dozens of restaurants and bakeries, the event will play homage to all things bacon, presented in both sweet and savory dishes. Both general and VIP admission will include taste of participating businesses’ signature dishes and access to the Petersen Car Museum, with VIP admission including cocktail tastings, admission an hour earlier later, and some surprise perks. Admission is limited and will sell out in advance.

Dec 6 2013
Entered to win a year’s worth of Califia Farms products!

Entered to win a year’s worth of Califia Farms products!

Now, for every friend you get to sign up, you receive an extra entry in the contest! So get to sharing: on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest… text message, email, snail mail… Let the whole world know that you want free Califia for a year!

Special link:
Dec 6 2013
TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case

TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case

TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

TYPO – iPhone Keyboard Case. The Best iPhone Keyboard Case in the World.

Seacrest and the team spent two years developing Typo.

You can pre-order it for your iPhone 5 or 5s for $99.

Dec 6 2013
RSVP – Dec 17 SMCLA’s Holiday Panel/Party “Meet the Foodies”
Hello, friends!

This year, the Social Media Club Los Angeles holiday party features the creme de la creme of food brand reps and bloggers for our Meet the Foodies Holiday Party on Tuesday, Dec. 17. Our most popular event of the year, the celebration kicks off with a happy hour featuring a cornucopia of sponsored food and drink, including a palate-pleasing selection of bubbly from Vina Sympatica and mouth-watering selections from Hurry Curry of Tokyo! There’ll be corks popping, networking galore, amazing raffle prizes, and much, much more! 
Joining us to discuss best practices for engaging with this fun, but crucial audience are: 
  • Becky Slade Yoshitani, Chief Marketing Officer, Hurry Curry of Tokyo (@HurryCurryTokyo)
  • Caroline Pardilla, Blogger, Caroline on Crack and LA Magazine (@CarolineonCrack)
  • Apryl Delancey, Director of Marketing & Social Media, Blaze PR (@BlazePRTeam)
  • Kajsa Alger, Executive Chef/Co-owner, Mud Hen Tavern (@ChefKajsa)
  • LA Magazine Sr. Editor Elina Shatkin (@ElinaShatkin) will be on hand to moderate.

Your Generous Gift Helps L.A.’s Most Needy
SMCLA hopes to collect 100 pounds of food for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank at our Dec. 17 event – with your help, we’ll make a difference for Los Angeles children, families, seniors, and individuals in need. Please bring an item or items from the list below. Your generosity will be rewarded with a free ticket to our raffle!
Needed items include:
•   canned protein, such as tuna, sardines, stews, and soups
•   peanut butter and jelly
•   canned fruits and vegetables
•   fruit juices
•   staples, such as beans, rice and pasta
•   personal care items, including lotion, deodorant and toothpaste
Thank you!!
Venue & Parking
We are thrilled to be back at Cross Campus in Santa Monica (820 Broadway, Santa Monica 90401) where there is plenty of street parking. Please keep an eye on the signs — some nearby blocks are permit only. 
If you have questions about sponsorships, please send us an email at [email protected].
See you there!
Dec 5 2013
Click for a $7 Offer from Fuddruckers!

Click for a $7 Offer from Fuddruckers!


Lake Forest, Lakewood, Burbank, Buena Park & Ontario
Dec 5 2013
President Obama Speaks on the Death of Nelson Mandela

President Obama says that Nelson Mandela’s journey from a prisoner to President embodied the promise that human beings, and countries, can change for the better, and asks that we pause and give thanks for the fact that Mandela lived — a man who took history in his hands, and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice. December 5, 2013.


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