Nov 15 2010
Sync your Windows Live Hotmail Calendar to Google

It is now possible to sync your Windows Live Hotmail Calendar with Google.

It’s pretty straight forward.

1. Log in to your Live/Hotmail account and select the Send People a view-only link to your calendar. Select the ICS: Import into another calendar application, it will bring up a window with an ICS link,  i.e. webcal://cid….calendar.ics

Copy this link

2. Log in to your Google Calendar account and select add, under other calendars, select Add by URL, and paste the ics link copied.

Click Add Calendar

Wait a few minutes and you should see the calendar show up.

If you go into the settings under Other calendars, you will see the webcal link, click on that link and change the calendar name, to whatever you would like it to be.

Close the  window and now the name of the calendar should show up.


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