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The Largest Free-to-Play Poker Game in the World! Zynga Poker

 Zynga is connecting the world through games. They claim to be the #1 provider of gaming experiences on social networks, connecting you to friends through word games, casino games, role-playing games, and more! Zynga Poker was Zynga’s first social game and the largest free-to-play online…

CityVille is growing bigger every second

 CityVille has been divided into 50 different levels. There is no doubt that zynga will enhance its variety level as well. For this purpose there is need to bring experience factor. Experience factor (XP) can be achieved by different methods. By selling and buying with…

CityVille: Build the City of your Dreams!

  Entertaining, exciting, and amusing, it is the most popular of all games – CityVille by Zynga. It is one of the largest games on Facebook being played by monthly active users as per the AppData. In CityVille, players create the city of their dreams…