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May 25 2012
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May 25 2012
Notice of Class Action Settlement Regarding Groupon Vouchers
An Important Notice About a Class Action Settlement Involving Groupon Vouchers
If you purchased a Groupon Voucher Between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011
For Redemption in the United States,
You May Be Eligible for Benefits From The Settlement
A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit concerning Groupon vouchers.   You may be a member of the class whose rights may be affected by this lawsuit.  The sole purpose of this notice is to inform you of the lawsuit and the settlement so that you may decide what steps to take in relation to it.
More information regarding the settlement, your rights under the settlement, instructions on how to be excluded from the settlement or object to the settlement, and a form to fill out to obtain settlement benefits are available here:

Please visit the website linked above to obtain important information regarding the settlement and your rights.

If the settlement is approved, class members who complete and return a claim form may be eligible to receive a Settlement Voucher entitling them to redeem unused Groupon vouchers purchased between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011 for redemption in the United States that are past their stated expiration date.  Settlement Vouchers may be redeemed at the location of the merchant identified on the voucher, for goods and/or services equal to the purchase price of the voucher. Rather than seeking a settlement benefit, you may choose to exclude yourself from the settlement.  There are deadlines associated with the choices you may make regarding the settlement.  The last day to exclude yourself from the settlement or to object to the settlement is July 6, 2012.
May 24 2012
Astoria Downtown Coffee Walk Sunday May 27, 2012
Downtown Coffee Walk
Coffee lovers are invited to take a self-guided tour of Astoria’s best coffee shops on Sunday, May 27.  Each of the five participating coffee shops and restaurants are planning something special that morning from 8 to 10 am as part of the first Downtown Coffee Walk.
The idea for the Downtown Coffee Walks was inspired by the Mona Latte artwork by artist Karen Eland, whose work is available for purchase at Astoria Sunday Market on 12th Street near Duane.

Sample of special baked goods
144 – 11thStreet
Sponsored by Astoria Coffee House & Bistro
Coffee Cocktails for breakfast!
240 – 11th Street

Sponsored by Astoria Coffee House & Bistro
Coffee Cocktails
240-11th Street

Espresso shake samples
1332 Commercial Street

Latte Foam Art!  Demonstrations
1213 Commercial Street

This is a special program of
Astoria Sunday Market
May 24 2012
Pasadena Police Air Operations Open House June 2, 2012

Pasadena Police Air Operations Open House

PASADENA – The Pasadena Police Department’s Air Operations Team is hosting an open house to showcase it’s helicopters, as well as other police equipment and tactics, officials said.

The open house will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. June 2 at the Benedict Heliport, 2175 Yucca Lane in Altadena, police said in a written statement.

In addition to Pasadena’s airborne officers and vehicles, the public will also have a chance to get an up-close look at other important department machines, such as an armored rescue, motorcycles and the department’s mobile command post, organizers said.

Police will put on different demonstrations of police tactics, such as SWAT and K-9, every hour starting at 11:30.

For those interested in a job with the Pasadena Police Department, representatives from the Pasadena Police Employment Services Unit will be available to speak with, police said.

For more information, contact the Pasadena Police Department at 626-744-4501.

May 24 2012
Earn Shopkick Points/Rewards/Kicks at Target and many other stores

Expands to Target stores
No purchases are necessary — just browsing in Target’s stores earns shoppers points.
Download the free app and start earning points-kicks.

shopkick is the first mobile app that gives you rewards and offers simply for walking into stores. You can collect kicks and bonuses at nearly all places around …

May 23 2012
American Idol Season 11 Winner – Phillip Phillips

American Idol Season 11 Finale viewers cast a record 132 million votes between guitar man Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

The pair had to wait for the two-hour finale to unfold before finding out the winner.
Fox filled the time with performances by the top 12 finalists and guest stars including Neil Diamond, Rihanna, Reba McEntire, Chaka Khan and John Fogarty.

Last year’s contest between winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina drew more than 122 million votes.

Sanchez, 16, of Chula Vista, Calif., and Phillips, 21, of Leesburg, Ga., are competing for a recording contract. They made their final stand Tuesday, each performing three songs for the TV viewers choosing between them.

May 23 2012
Burger Lounge

Burger Lounge


Organic grass-fed beef, quinoa veggie burgers and turkey burgers are just the beginning…

Southern California ·

May 23 2012
McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2012 READ PDF

An excerpt from the the 28 page report. It is good resource for those looking to get a grasp on what is going on in the world of spam and malware.

Mobile Threats
This quarter we report a large increase in mobile malware. The jump was targeted almost solely at the Android platform. Hundreds of Android threats in the middle of 2011 have moved into the thousands this year. Due to significant improvements in our ability to collect, process, and detect mobile malware, the count further accelerated this quarter: Android threats now reach almost 7,000, with more than 8,000 total mobile malware in our database.

Read the full report here

May 23 2012
ECOCAR 2 Competition

ECOCAR 2 Competition

EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future

15 Institions



May 22 2012
Google Doodle, a Music Synthesizer, Tribute to Robert Moog

This is my google Doodle for the tribute to Robert Moog:


May 22 2012
American Idol Season 11 2012 Winner

Phillip Phillips has the edge over Jessica Sanchez.
Remember you can make your vote count, voting online 50 votes per account!




May 22 2012
Get Your Covideo Free Trial Now and Start Sending Video Emails


Video email is the latest attraction for many of the business concern these days. It is most effective means of attaining potential buyers, or to promote the company’s items, events or services.  Streaming the videos by means of the electronic mails delivers lots of benefits, over the traditional textual and image based email ones. Video streaming is the excellent way to stay in the mind of the viewers, as it creates a greater effect than that of other methods. Anything seen gives a more strong impact in the minds of the viewers and they will seldom forget it. It is a perfect mix of the TV advertisements with the interactivity feature of the Internet. To state simply, any video streaming is more eye catchy in the mind of the viewers and they will start responding to the various offers that are seen in it.

Generally, one has a perception that video streaming is a costly issue, but in reality it is even cheaper than the HTML emails or TV ads or the web ads. Video streaming is easier to be produced and distributed, and it is economical to put in monetary terms. Now the market is flooded with number of such video email solutions. Covideo is a firm that is specialized, in and out in this video solution and gives the best leading edge in the field of video emailing to the clients. They offer ample solutions to the client’s demands. Suppose you need to determine the video promotion through the email, then it is easy and too simple to get it done with the Covideo.

Video email is the productive media marketing instrument used by the company in order to advertise goods and services, by employing the short, appealing and useful ads. The main aim of Covideo is to improve attention of the viewers of the marketed product/services and it as well illustrates them for buying the showcased products and services. It is a well known fact that, these days many people are more dependent on the video email, rather than the Traditional TV media. Many people are now able to stream videos from their mobile itself, as there are lots of applications endowed to the latest mobile phones, be it the smart phones or the ipad or the iphone or the PC.  The required information is delivered to the clients at a higher speed than expected.

Video email provide more benefits to the clients, as they squander minimum  time of the viewers and all the more the matter is placed in the client’s mind more faster  and has a sound effect.  Covideo provides a high quality service and delivers the clients a great custom branding apart from the sound tracking, mobile delivery and exit links. For more details, log on to the  and get to know more. Covideo is top notch in providing the mobile applications with the feature of network sharing, which is not basically provided by the other suppliers. Just deal with the Covideo and have a safe delivery assurance.

Get started with a free trial of CoVideo now.

Covideo users! Download the Outlook add-in to create and send videos right from your Outlook account! Watch the video below to learn more!

May 22 2012
Glass Bottles & Glass Jars – Buy Wholesale Save 5% at

Glass Bottles & Glass Jars – Buy Wholesale at

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic and glass jars, tins, aluminum bottles, closures, pumps, sprayers, shrink bands — we are entirely focused on the needs of the e-commerce bottle customer.

Goal is to constantly find ways to improve the shopping and product delivery experience to make purchasing bottles simple, easy and rewarding.

Principals have been active in the business of supplying bottles to major marketers of consumer products for over 25 years.
Products are manufactured by the finest producers from the U.S., Europe and Asia. The bottles, jars and closures we offer are the same components you will find on store shelves everywhere used by major manufacturers of consumer products.

Call us: 888-215-0023 or 561-691-6245
Web Form: Questions, Comments, or Concerns
Email: [email protected]
Contact customer service for questions about products or order status.
You can contact customer service during normal business hours:
Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm Eastern time (6 am – 2 pm Pacific time)
If you are a supplier and interested in participating in
contact Robert Lerman [email protected]
1521 Cades Bay
Jupiter, FL 33458
tel : 888-215-0023
fax : 561-691-6246

May 20 2012
Vendome Wine & Spirits Pasadena New Location

Vendome Wine & Spirits is in the process of preparing a new location to be opening in the next few months, mid summer, June to July.
The location is adjacent to the Smitty’s Bar & Grill

Vendome Wine & Spirits
102 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 396-9234
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Email: [email protected]

May 19 2012
Online or Live Mortgage Broker Training

Do you want to become mortgage broker?  Do you want to learn what requirements there is to become one of those people that sit in banks or loan offices?  The ones that hold their clients future in their hands on whether or not they get their dream homes or whether they shatter their dreams for the future.

Training Pro is the national leader in mortgage education and one of the first NMLS-approved education providers.  They will work with individuals as well as large companies on finding a solution for their Mortgage Broker Training or continue education.   The companies and individuals are now responsible making sure they stay on top of their field with renewed education class and with the newest information that is available to them to pass onto their clients.

They offer three ways to get more education about being a mortgage broker and those are online, live classroom, and home studies courses.  They have a live class calendar that will show you the dates that you can take the classes that you need to take.

If you are either interested in becoming a mortgage broker or have been one for years that needs to go back to be re-education with the new information that has become available since they went through the first time.  This website is on the internet to help the people that want the information about their education.  They have three ways to obtain the information that they need and here is the place to get the up-to-date information.

May 19 2012
Bless the Beasts & the Children Dinner Extravaganza Saturday, May 19th

The ONE Event You Won’t Want To Miss!

Bless the Beasts & the Children Dinner Extravaganza
Saturday, May 19th

Join Malibu Pet Companions and The Rotary Club of Woodland Hills
while we honor the work of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital and Rotarian
Dave Woods for their dedicated efforts in giving animals and children
hope for a brighter future!

Proceeds from this event will go toward helping sick and injured homeless
pets at the Agoura Animal Shelter as well as local and international Rotary
projects benefiting children.

From 6:00 – 10:00 pm, you’ll be treated to an extraordinary evening of:

• Fun and laughter with Master of Ceremonies Dick Van Dyke

• Wonderful musical sounds of the Symphomaniacs

• Live and silent auctions

• Casual dining at a private Malibu estate

Tickets are $100 per person.
For tickets/sponsorships call (818) 483-4228 or visit:

This evening will be one to remember. Help us give a voice to animals and children.

Get your tickets today!


Malibu Pet Companions is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding the medical care for the homeless animals at the Agoura Animal Shelter that the county simply cannot fund. In an effort to continue our mission, we are co-hosting an incredible evening. We are still looking for sponsors, companies to take out ads (I must admit, prices are pretty inexpensive), and of course, for wonderful people like you to join us!

Our “Bless the Beasts & the Children” event will be held at a private estate in Malibu on Saturday, May 19, 2012.  Jointly hosted by the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills (RCWH) and Malibu Pet Companions (MPC), this fun filled extravaganza will raise money for Rotary service projects benefitting children (providing clean water and education), and for MPC’s funding of medical care for the sick and injured homeless pets that find their way to the shelter.) It is from 6- 10:00 p.m. and Dick Van Dyke has agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies. We will have a live and silent auction, presentations, dinner – you know the drill.

We are expecting some 300 people with many being IND and Small Biz owners from the Rotaries, plus many Malibu residents who bring their pets to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. We are also honoring MCAH for their years of service to MPC and helping us save more animals, as well as Dave Woods for his years of service devoted to children.

May 19 2012
Pet Naturals CALMING for Small Dogs

Pet Naturals CALMING for Small Dogs

Bone-Shaped Chews

Supports Stress Reduction

21 Sugar Free Chicken Liver Flavored Chews

We are trying this with our dog, we just gave him one of the chews about 20 minutes ago,  and he seems pretty calm so far.

Now we are going to take him for a bath and see how he does.

The packet of 21 is about $6 at the local pet food.

Check out for more information on our products!

Calming Chews by Pet Naturals of Vermont support calming and relaxation for cats and dogs. This line of Calming products uses ingredients such as L-theanine, thiamine and the Colostrum Calming Complex to support stress reduction in cats and dogs. In this video, Pet Naturals Corporate Trainer Keli McBride shares some insightful information about our Calming Chews and shows you how these products support calming and relaxation without causing drowsiness or adverse effects.

May 19 2012
Harry’s Berries Annual Farm Dinner Party & Tour in Oxnard July 28, 2012

Harry’s Berries Annual Farm Dinner Party & Tour in Oxnard

What: Tour the farm, visit their ‘junk art gallery’, have dinner with menu that features everything grown and fresh picked at the farm
When: July 28, 2012 6pm dinner, 4pm cocktails
Where: Harry’s Berries Farm in Oxnard

5777 E. Vineyard Ave., Oxnard, CA  93036

Phone: (805) 659-4568

How much: $60 adults,  kids 6-11 $25, 5 yrs and under FREE.

I’ve never been to one of these but sounds like a fun way to get to know this family farm and see the whole process of where your berries come from – and what better way to celebrate fresh local ingredients than with dinner right on the farm?  Menu

tickets on sale week of 5/21 at Harry’s Berries stands at Farmers Markets around the city
Event website:


May 19 2012
2012 California Strawberry Festival

The 2012 California Strawberry Festival is the perfect summer kickoff with proceeds benefiting the community!

2012 California Strawberry Festival

Saturday and Sunday, May 19 & 20, 2012
10:00am to 6:30pm
Strawberry Meadows of College Park
3250 South Rose Avenue in Oxnard

California Strawberry Festival

  • Strawberry Meadows of College Park
  • 3250 South Rose Avenue
  • Oxnard, CA 93033
  • Toll-Free: (888) 288-9242
  • Phone: (805) 385-4739
  • Fax: (805) 385-4729
  • Visit Website

Oxnard celebrates the strawberry harvest with delicious foods and contests, fine arts & crafts, entertainment, FREE rides and shows for the family. The award-winning California Strawberry Festival is held annually on the third weekend in May.

FREE Strawberry Express shuttle! Stops include: The Palms Shopping Center, Oxnard Oxnard Transportation Center, Downtown Oxnard Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard Camarillo Premium Outlets

May 19 2012
Cutie Pie That! Best Apple Pies from Pasadena

Cutie Pie That! Best Apple Pies in Los Angeles
Cutie Pie That! is a Pasadena, California-based micro-bakery that produces 4″ hand-crafted pies using only the finest ingredients, with emphasis on local, seasonal and organic products.

Signature Double Crust 4″ Pies…………………….$6.00
Signature Single Crust 4″ Pies……………………..$6.00
*Flavors change seasonally and based on produce availability.

One-of-a-Kind Pie Bites
Made by folding pie filling into uniquely shaped dough pockets, these delicious bites are then dusted with sugar and baked until golden brown. Every order is served with a side of freshly made organic whipping cream.
An Assortment of the Season’s Flavors…………….$8.00

Traditional, full-sized 9″ pies are available upon request.

Phone (213) 712-3725

Email [email protected]



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