Jul 5 2014
Where would you like to take a vacation?

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vacation_965867 Many people do not take vacations very often. Actually, according to polls, over half of the readers do not take yearly vacations! Now with high frequency, whenever we take vacations, we bring our work along, keeping ourselves still in that work mindset we are trying to escape. It is unfortunate for many reasons:

  • Vacations Promote Creativity: The good vacation at beach will help us to connect with ourselves, and operating as vehicle for the self-discovery & helping us to get back to feel good.
  • Vacations Keep Us Healthy: By taking the regular time off for ‘recharging your batteries’, and keeping our stress levels lower, will keep you healthier.
  • Vacations Promote Wellbeing: One study have found that 3 days after vacation, it subjects' physical complaints, quality of sleep & mood had improved compared to before the vacation.

If you were to take a vacation, when would you take it and for how long? There’re many advantages to the short vacations and the long vacations. One thing to know is that longer your vacation, more money you will have to come with for the meals, gas, lodging, or attractions. It adds up with time. Suppose money is the issue, then you have to consider the shorter vacation. You can plan your vacation in summer or off season when rates are less. It is possible to go at many short vacations as cost will be much lower. Suppose you go on weekend vacation then lodging can be less, you will not need much food, and will not have many attractions to look at. One more way to save some money is to think about days of week that you take the vacation. The rates are generally higher from Friday and Sunday, thus if possible, you have to consider leaving at Monday and get back on Thursday.

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