Nov 7 2013
Failure to Comply Email Phishing Spam – Beware Email spam

Beware of emails that are flooding email boxes


Update Your Email Account Today

=Dear User=

Your Mail Storage Limit has exceeded you might not be able to send or receive new emails; Click or Copy the link below onto your browser to verify your email and increase storage limit.

Failure to comply will lead to immediate cancellation of your Email Account.

Thank you for using our Mail Server,



Here’s another AOL users are seeing:


Subj: Unlock Your AOL Email

Dear User,

Your have to Update your Email profile to avoid AOL email closure,

Update Your Email

and the link points to which is another phishing site for AOL.

Which then goes to this phishing site that looks like an official aol site, but it is not – beware, do not click on these links

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