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Sep 21 2014
Pump The Movie #pumpthemovie @pumpthemovie Options for Fuels

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Purchase your tickets for PUMP here:

The movie that will change your attitude about fuel forever.

PUMP features experts like John Hofmeister, former President of Shell Oil Co.; Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, Inc.; Peter Goldmark, former president of the Rockefeller Foundation; and other noteworthy figures who share their passionate views
and knowledge.
 Alcohol fuels can be made from a variety of “feedstocks,” including corn, sugar beets, the Opuntia cactus, yard waste and garbage.
 In 2013, 1.15 million gallons of crude oil spilled from tanker cars on U.S. railroads. That’s 350,000 more barrels than spilled in accidents in the previous 38 years.
 The United States produces about 11 million barrels of oil and oil products a day. But it consumes about 19 million barrels a day.
 Since World War II, 10 of the 11 official U.S. recessions were preceded by a spike in the price of oil. The exception was 1960. – See more at:
 About half of air pollution in the U.S. is attributed to transportation, worsening health problems like asthma, heart disease and cancer.
 There are about 253 million cars and trucks on the road in the U.S. By comparison, about 170,000 plug-in electric vehicles have been sold domestically, .07 percent of the total.
 During the 1970s oil shortage, triggered by an OPEC embargo, drivers were forced to wait hours in line at stations. The price of gas went from 38.5 cents a gallon in May 1973 to 55.1 cents in June 1974.
 The U.S. military spends between $86 billion and $104 billion each year protecting oil supply from the Persian Gulf. That’s one-seventh of the Pentagon’s annual budget.
 On July 11, 2008, the price of crude hit $147 a barrel, the highest price in world history. Two months later, the Dow fell 777 points in a day.
In the 1930s and ’40s, networks of electric streetcars and trains were dismantled all over the country and replaced with fuel-guzzling city buses. Many trolley cars were discarded or publicly set ablaze, like this one. Eventually, it came to light that several companies, including Standard Oil of California, Firestone and GM, colluded to buy up and destroy the lines to promote auto travel.
Now we need to expand the best feedstocks in the most carbon free environments.. Energy Beets throughout the whole western states. Using BLM unused graze lands

In Theaters This September.

Make fuel choice a reality by texting “Pump” to 877877.


Sep 18 2014
Muir Ranch Farm-to-Table @muirranch

Oktoberfest Farm-to-Table Roast!


Saturday, September 27, 2014    5-8pm



poster small

Enjoy a locally grown and harvested, sustainable,

plant-based supper, while supporting 

Muir Ranch’s summer internships!


Featuring Guest Chef: Ernest Miller


Ernest Miller


Our supper will be prepared on a mobile grill that has been graciously loaned to us by our friends at Mexicali Taco!


mexicali small

A portion of our Menu has been generously donated by

Jeff’s Gourmet Kosher Sausage Company!

jeff's gourmet logo


Additional menu selections designed with ingredients grown at

Muir Ranch and by farmers in our local food system.

Chef Miller’s “Oktoberfest” Menu

Soft Pretzels with House Mustards

Sauerkraut-flavored Chex Party Mix
Sauerkraut Pickled Eggs / Spicy Pickled Eggs
Beer Braised Sausages with Sauerkraut
Blue-Cheese and Bacon Potato Salad
German Potato Salad without Bacon
Muir Ranch Kale Salad with Fermented Fruit
Apple-Fennel-Kale Slaw with Raisins
Cucmber Dill Salad
Black Rye Bread & Rye Bread
House Cheese spread
Apple Butter
and PIE!!!
generously sponsored by Whole Foods Arroyo Parkway
whole food logo
and a few other surprises are in store!

Come and share you kind words with Mud Baron on his special day. 






PARKING: Behind John Muir High School at 1905 N Lincoln.   Park in rear Student Lot, enter at Canada Ave.




Your tax deductible dinner ticket purchase helps to support our summer internship program at Muir Ranch.

Our goal is to offer fully paid internships to 30 students this Summer.

Each student will earn $600 for 8 weeks of work.

We hope to raise $18,000 to cover the cost of these internships.


Get your tickets now,


You don’t want to miss it!


Next Muir Ranch Farm-to-Table is a Celebration for Mud’s Birthday! September 27th. Click here for tickets! – ticket proceeds support Muir Ranch Interns!

MuirRanchDinnerSept 27-2014





Sep 18 2014
Clueless about growing vegetables in LA? Become a certified UC Victory Gardener
Sep 18 2014
How To Stop Unwanted Telemarketer Calls

If you are like many people you are getting calls from telemarketers at home and at work, but mostly at home.

And if you run a business at home, it makes it very difficult if you receive these calls while you are busy working. Not only do these calls interrupt your workflow but cause loss of time.

So what are some of the best ways to reduce telemarketing calls.

Many people ask what are they trying to sell, it varies, from research companies carpet cleaning, we have heard so many different.

A call to your phone company is also probably a good idea and document all the calls, trying to collect as much as you can from the caller, may require some time, but  if you find out, you can then contact the company who hired them.

Many clues as to the caller being a telemarketer are visible when the call comes in, from the caller ID being suspect.

Most of the time when you answer the call there will be silence, and when you say something that triggers the system to transfer to a person who then starts their pitch.

The FTC receives in the neighborhood of 200,000 complaints each month on telemarketers.  What is the FTC doing about this?

You can contact your elected representatives and ask then what they are doing as well.  Doing nothing about this is not an option, as the problem is getting worse, not better. You can try to call the AT&T Corporate offices, such as the office of the president.

ABC has a story on stopping telemarketers.

Victim of phone fraud? Rep. Grace Meng’s legislation on spoofing passes House

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau(BBB), using automated calling platforms.

So what are there exemptions? There are exemptions for certain kinds of telemarketers:

• Charities seeking donations;

• Politicians seeking your vote;

• Companies with which you have an existing business relationship;

• Survey companies doing opinion polls.

Why do these companies continue to use these tactics? Because they apparently work, we fall prey to their tactics, and it is especially sad to see the elderly falling victim.

Why would anyone have someone come clean their carpets who they do not know.

Make annoying telemarketers stop calling: Tell them they’re calling a business (if they call again, sue!).

Tell telemarketers and solicitors that your under 18 and can’t buy their product yet and they stop calling.

You can tell telemarketers to stop calling. Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry:


“Remember, the computer chose your lead, not the caller. If you scream at them because you’ve been called before, this will not make them sympathetic to your case. It’s likely they’ll just put you back into the lead pool to torture you.”

The most efficient response is to say: “Please put me on your do not call list.” in a calm voice and hang up.

Some may want to put a little more effort into tracking down the people behind the calls, the problem is that there are so many ways the calls originate, and once your number is on a lists and there are thousands of lists, and with so many unscrupulous telemarketers, who ignore the FTC Do Not Call Registry.

Remember you can also file a complaint. There hundreds of thousands of complaints filed monthly, at some point the FCC, FTC and government officials will have to do something, this is again a situation where the technology used by the perpetrators is more advanced than the technology to stop the calls.

Things to collect from calls:

date/Time, caller id, number, callers name, company being represented, call back number if given.

Perhaps if there was a device you could use where pushing a button would play recording for the caller. There are some devices:

Many people believe that the calls made cannot be traced, although most consumers have no way to trace a calls made by unscrupulous telemarketers, filing complaints and notating the time calls are made, as companies like AT&T are able to trace calls, especially when a subpoena is served.

Recent scams include

1. calls from individuals claiming to be from the IRS, threatening prosecution to collect on a debt.

2. calls regarding your computer being infected with a virus, and the caller requesting access to your computer, I have heard several people have fallen for this

Sep 18 2014
Taste of South Lake 2014 Oct 11, 2014 @SouthLakeAvenue #Pasadena #food

Taste of South Lake 2014

Taste of South Lake is Pasadena’s largest culinary celebration!  Guests can enjoy mouth-watering offerings from over 25 South Lake Avenue restaurants, live cooking demos with celebrity chefs, music performances by internationally known bands, a vendor village and more!

This FREE outdoor festival will be held at the Corporate Center Pasadena located at 251 S. Lake Avenue, Pasadena (view map!) and offers:








Sep 17 2014
Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day in the Haus! @DogHausDogs
Dog Haus National Cheeseburger Promo Graphic
Sep 17 2014
Apple iOS 8 Update Schedule Sept 17, 2014

Apple iOS 8 Update Schedule Sept 17, 2014


iOS 8

This update contains hundreds of new features, including the following:

• Messages improvements
◦ Tap to Talk to send your voice, a video or a photo with just a swipe
◦ Group messaging options to name a conversation, add a contact, remove a contact, or leave a conversation
◦ New details view with Do Not Disturb, location sharing and attachments view
• Photos improvements
◦ Smart editing tools to adjust light and color with a swipe
◦ Fine-tune controls to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and more
◦ Search by date, location, or album name or use smart suggestions
◦ Smart albums for Slo-mo videos, Bursts, Panoramas, and Time-lapse
◦ Third-party photo filters and editing tools supported directly in Photos
◦ Your photos and metadata from iPhoto will be migrated to Photos. Books, Journals and Slideshows will be converted to albums containing only photos. iPhoto for iOS is not supported on devices running iOS 8 or later.
• Camera improvements
◦ Time-lapse mode
◦ Capture timer
◦ Adjust exposure with a simple nudge to lighten or darken a photo prior to capture
◦ Burst mode on front facing camera on iPhone 5s
◦ Panorama for iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display
• QuickType keyboard
◦ Predictive typing personalized to your writing style, and customized based on the recipient and the app
◦ Predictive is available in English (Australia, Canada, UK, US), French (Canada, France, Switzerland), German (Germany, Switzerland), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Thai
◦ Third-party keyboard support
• Health
◦ New Health app with easy-to-read dashboard of health and fitness data
◦ Ability to share health data with apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness
◦ Add a Medical ID with information about allergies, medical conditions, and more with the option to make accessible from the lock screen
◦ Available on iPhone and iPod touch
• Family Sharing
◦ Share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases with up to six members of your family.
◦ Pay for family purchases with a single credit card and approve purchases by children with Ask to Buy
◦ Easily share family photos, a family calendar, locations and more
• iCloud Drive
◦ Store all your documents in iCloud and access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC
◦ Share the same file across multiple compatible apps
◦ Edits you make on one device update on all your devices automatically
• Continuity features so your iPhone, iPad, and Mac work together more seamlessly
◦ Handoff to continue what you’re doing as you move from one device to another
◦ Make and receive calls and send and receive SMS or MMS messages on your iPad or Mac
◦ Instant Hotspot to automatically use your cellular connection to get online with your other devices
◦ AirDrop compatibility with OS X Yosemite
◦ Available on iPhone 5 or later, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation)
• Spotlight improvements
◦ Displays suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, movies (US only), popular web sites, App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store
◦ Safari also supports Spotlight suggestions alongside Top Hit and search suggestions
◦ Supported for local languages in US, UK, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
• Mail improvements
◦ Easily jump between drafts and your inbox with a simple swipe down on the draft
◦ Intelligent suggestions for Calendar events and Contacts
◦ VIP threads
• Siri improvements
◦ Improvements to responsiveness, reliability and accuracy
◦ “Hey, Siri” option to initiate Siri using just your voice when your device is plugged in
◦ Streaming voice recognition
◦ Works with Shazam to answer “What song is playing?”
◦ Purchase content from iTunes Store
• Safari improvements
◦ DuckDuckGo search engine support
◦ Private browsing per tab
◦ Subscribe to RSS feeds in Shared Links
◦ Use Camera to scan and enter credit card info
• Maps improvements
◦ Flyover city tours
◦ Maps place cards in Phone and Contacts
◦ Inline map view and travel time notifications for Calendar events
• App Store improvements
◦ New Explore tab for easier category browsing
◦ Top trending searches displayed in Search tab
◦ Scrolling search results
◦ App video previews
◦ Editors’ Choice badges
• Quick access to key contacts in multitasking view
• Interactive Notifications for Messages, Mail, Calendar, Reminders and enabled third-party apps
• New Tips app to help you do more with your iOS devices
• iBooks app built into iOS, now with auto night mode and new organization for book series
• Podcasts app built into iOS
• Battery usage by app
• iCloud Keychain can use saved website passwords to easily sign in to associated apps
• FaceTime Audio call waiting
• Rich text editing in Notes
• Peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback
• Enterprise features
◦ Expanded data protection to Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Reminders, and Notes in addition to Mail and 3rd-party apps
◦ Per message S/MIME email controls
◦ Improved UI to make it easier for users to understand the remote management of their device
◦ Automatic reply for Exchange
◦ Free/busy lookup for Calendar invitations
◦ MDM Managed books can be automatically pushed to users
• Accessibility features
◦ Redesigned Zoom with one-handed control and multiple zoom modes including picture-in-picture
◦ Built-in timer and Touch ID support for Guided Access
◦ Speak Screen to read out contents of the screen via gesture or Siri command
◦ VoiceOver improvements including Alex voice option and Braille input support
◦ Multi-device support for MFi hearing aids to seamlessly switch from one paired iOS device to another
• Features for China
◦ Vector-based maps
◦ Turn-by-turn navigation
◦ Lunar calendar support
◦ Improved predictive input
◦ Improved weather data
• Expanded language support
◦ Dictation support for 22 additional languages: Croatian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
◦ New keyboards for English (India), Bengali, Filipino, Marathi, Slovenian, and Urdu
◦ Hindi localization
◦ Definitions of a selected word for additional languages: Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Thai, Turkish
◦ Spanish-English bilingual dictionary
◦ Spell check for Turkish
◦ Hebrew language support for Text to Speech and VoiceOver
• New developer capabilities including
◦ Extensibility, giving apps new sharing options and the ability to create widgets, photo filters and editing tools in Photos, and 3rd-party keyboards
◦ Metal, a new graphics technology for game providers to bring console-class 3D games to mobile devices
◦ SpriteKit and SceneKit for improved 2D and 3D games
◦ HealthKit, so health and fitness apps can share their data with each other
◦ HomeKit, a new way for you to control supported devices in your home using Siri
◦ Touch ID support so you can sign in to third-party apps with just your fingerprint
◦ CloudKit, offering a complete and scaleable back-end solution helping developers eliminate the need for writing server code and maintaining servers
• Bug fixes

Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:


Sep 16 2014
ENVISION 2014 – The Innovate Pasadena Summit

ENVISION is the first annual summit hosted by Innovate Pasadena for the purpose of informing, inspiring and connecting the robust technology and design innovation community in Pasadena and throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

ENVISION features distinguished speakers—all prominent innovators in their fields—who will envision the future trends that will shape innovation over the next 20 years.

The summit begins on Wednesday, October 22 in the evening with a keynote address followed by a Kickoff Mixer. The program continues on Thursday with six speakers, a Startup Company Fast Pitch Contest, successful venture capitalists talking about the “Future of Money” and a closing cocktail reception.

ENVISION is the marquee event of Innovate Pasadena’s CONNECT Week 2014 which is taking place on October 20-26. CONNECT Week will celebrate innovation in the greater Pasadena area with over 20 events that include talks, workshops, competitions, and mixers.

Register for ENVISION today to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate.

What to Expect

Envision 2014 will also present an exciting array of entertaining, interactive displays and experiences spread throughout the venue. You’ll watch a graffiti artist capturing the event in real-time, drones flying overhead, robots wandering around the space, animatronics displays, and a loop of interviews with renown scientists from around the world. You’ll also have the chance to sample liquid nitrogen ice cream, hand-shaken iced tea and “adult” jello shots, taste the innovative cuisine of Pasadena’s top Italian restaurant, and much more.

Learn more at the official website for Envision 2014 The Innovate Pasadena Summit.


Frances H. Arnold
The Dick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biochemistry and Director of the Rosen Bioengineering Center at the California Institute of Technology

Andra Keay
Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics
Robot Startup Evangelist

Jack Kreindler
Doctor, Technologist, Investor
General Partner & Chief Medical Officer at Frost Data Capital

Mark Meadows
Co-Founder and Creator of Geppetto Avatars

Patricia A. Moore
President of MooreDesign Associates

Scott Painter
Founder and CEO of TrueCar

Sharon Vosmek
CEO of Astia

Visit the ENVISION Website to read the full speaker bios and the summit schedule.

Register for ENVISION today to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate.

Registration includes attendance to all sessions, the Wednesday evening Kickoff Mixer, and a continental breakfast, lunch and the closing Cocktail Reception on Thursday.

Pasadena Innovation Contributions to Community

Sep 16 2014
McDonald’s USA Perks Up The Nation With Free Coffee

McDonald’s USA Perks Up The Nation With Free Coffee

Second national McCafé free coffee event kicks off on Sept. 16 and culminates on National Coffee Day, Sept. 29

OAK BROOK, Ill. – Sept. 8, 2014McDonald’s today announced a second national Free Coffee Event, an opportunity for even more coffee lovers to enjoy a freshly brewed, rich and smooth tasting McCafé coffee.

From Sept. 16 through 29, guests can get a free small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country. This event builds on McDonald’s first-ever Free Coffee Event launched in March, when the company gave away millions of cups of free coffee during the two-week period.

“We know our guests are busy, especially during the morning, and a free cup of coffee goes a long way in helping get their days started,” said Greg Watson, senior vice president, McDonald’s US Menu Innovation.  “That’s why we want to treat customers once again so they can taste for themselves just how great their mornings can be with a cup of McCafé coffee and freshly made breakfast.”

To celebrate two additional weeks of free coffee, McDonald’s is calling on people across the nation to “sip and tell” their embarrassing pre-coffee moments on social media with @McCafe using the hashtag #SipandTell. Select social media fans with morning mishap stories like missing the last train to work on Monday or leaving the house with mismatched shoes will be surprised by @McCafe with custom gifts and experiences to help start their morning off right.

McDonald’s first launched its McCafé line in the U.S. in 2009. The collection included McCafé signature blend coffee and quickly expanded to include iced coffees, espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and mochas, blended-ice beverages including smoothies and frappes as well as limited-time seasonal offerings.  This holiday season, customers can again enjoy the White Chocolate Mocha, in addition to the new White Chocolate Latte and Hot Chocolate, for a limited-time.

McCafé fans will soon be able to enjoy their coffee whenever they want, including at home. McDonald’s recently announced a collaboration with Kraft Foods Group, Inc. to offer a variety of McCafé ground, whole bean and single cup coffees in grocery stores and other retailers nationwide starting in early 2015.


Sep 15 2014
Travel Insurance Specialist InsureandGo USA @InsureandGoUSA

Get America's top rated travel insurance before you leave from InsureandGo USA!

InsureandGo USA is a leading travel insurance and emergency assistance provider with a network of over 35 assistance centers around the world, 2, 000 multilingual operators, and 31,500 healthcare providers in over 200 countries.

the travel insurance specialist

7300 Corporate Center Drive #601
Miami, Florida 33126

Share your excitement for traveling and discover the world with us! Every aspect of travel is discussed and we invite you to join in the conversation. We would love to hear about your journeys.

Sep 14 2014
Psychedelic science: From 60s counterculture to modern medicine? @kpcc

September 15, 7:00pm

Psychedelic science: From 60s counterculture to modern medicine?

KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum

Map & Directions

Monday, September 15

6:30pm – Doors Open; 7:00pm – Program

“Psychedelic science: From 60s counterculture to modern medicine?” tomorrow evening (Monday, September 15, 2014) at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum.

They were a 1960s counterculture phenomenon, and now they’re making a bid to become part of mainstream medicine. Research into the therapeutic potential of illegal “psychedelic” drugs to treat an assortment of mental health conditions is undergoing a modern-day renaissance. A host of published studies in the field is showing promise for psychedelics, such as psilocybin — the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms” —  to help treat alcoholism, depression, drug addiction and severe anxiety caused by serious or terminal illness. Other studies are finding that MDMA, an ingredient in the party-drug “ecstasy,” may be valuable in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But is using these drugs good health care policy? From the 1950s through the early 70s, extensive research was done on these drugs. But the excesses of the 60s, when many followed Timothy Leary’s advice to “turn on, tune in, drop out,” sparked a backlash that led the federal government to criminalize psychedelic drugs in 1970. Join KPCC Health Care Correspondent Stephanie O’Neill as she explores the issues with scientists who believe psychedelics can be effective treatments.

Stephanie O’Neill: health care correspondent for KPCC/Southern California Public Radio

Charles Grob M.D.: chief of Child Psychiatry and professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine

David E. Nichols Ph.Dpresident, co-founder and director of Preclinical Research, Heffter Research Institute; emeritus professor of Pharmacology, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University

Stephen Ross M.D.: associate professor of Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the NYU Langone Medical Center, director of the Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse at Bellevue Hospital, clinical director of the NYU Langone Center of Excellence on Addiction, and director of the NYU Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship


Watch Roland Griffith’s TED talk on the subject from 2009. 

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and only to the person(s) present at registration. Reservations do not guarantee seating. Please do not hesitate to contact Production Coordinator Liz Brown at [email protected] should you have any questions.

Parking is available on Raymond Avenue (unlimited after 6pm) and at the Metro parking structures located a few blocks north and south of the Mohn Broadcast Center:

Del Mar Metro Station
230 S. Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105

Fillmore Metro Station
95 Fillmore Street Pasadena, CA 91105

We encourage you to take the Metro Gold Line as SCPR is conveniently located between the Del Mar and Fillmore stops.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Sep 13 2014
ISIS Kills David Cawthorne Haines, a British Security Manager Video (Not Confirmed)

The man allegedly killed by ISIS was David Cawthorne Haines, a British security manager

The British terrorist of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant beheaded his 3rd victim in front of the camera: This time, a British citizen named David Cawthorne Haines.

Haines is believed to have been a security manager in South Sudan with the organization Nonviolent Peaceforce. From February to August 2012, Haines worked for the group whose mission “is to promote, develop and implement unarmed civilian peacekeeping as a tool for reducing violence and protecting civilians in situations of violent conflict.”

ISIL has also threatened to execute another British citizen, Alan Henning, next time!

*Some violent parts of this video, including the execution scene have been edited out to make this video viewable to the public for informative purposes.
Also, due to respect to the family of David and his memory, the full speech of the British victim made under pressure and by terrorists’ force is not included in this version of the video.

The video is unconfirmed.

Sep 13 2014
Tom’s Famous Family Restaurant Pasadena Opening @TomsFamous

Tom’s Famous Family Restaurant is coming to Pasadena, CA.

Tom’s Famous as 20+ location around Southern California.

The location was previously The Burger Shack.

Before your next visit, make sure to bring your TOM’s $2.00 Off Coupon!  Grab it HERE and enjoy TOM’s at an even better price!






The location is at:
1130 E Walnut St
Pasadena, CA 91106


View Larger Map


WELCOME to TOM’s Family Restaurant. We are George, Perry and Peter, the proud owners and public servants to whomever walks through our doors (or visits our drive thrus). TOM’s Family Restaurants (the first and the original in Los Angeles) were created by our father “Nick” after migrating to America from Greece in 1962. And now, it’s our honor to pass on the family tradition he passed down to us; FRESH tasty food made from scratch, made with care, with portions and price that keep both your stomach and your wallet full. All brought to your table with a big smile; “May we get you anything else?” Here to serve you in today’s often busy and fast paced world, with the care and attention you can only get from the “Old World” -Thanks, Dad.

TOM’s Family Restaurants. FAST dining made FRESH!


Sep 11 2014
Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Pre Order Details Links

Get ready to preorder your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on

Verizon Wireless Preorder link


Sprint –iPhone 6 Preorders Now Available! Click here.

T-Mobile – Pre-order Apple iPhone 6

US Cellular, and other sellers.

Starting at 12 a.m. PT on Friday. East Coast, you’ll be able to place your orders at 3 a.m. ET; Midwest can start shopping at 2 a.m. CT;


You also can place your order at a physical Apple retail store beginning at 8 a.m. Friday.

Several retailers including RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.

Best Buy will offer online preorders for only the Sprint version of the iPhone 6 and will open up preorders for other devices on Friday.

(3 PACK) 3FT 1M Lightning 8-Pin to USB Charge Sync Cable Cord iPhone 5 5C 5S iPad 4 Mini iPod
3 PIECE DEAL! Custom made by PowerDeals and sold ONLY by PowerDeals… these 3FT 1M cables feature above market standard internals to bring you faster charge and sync times than whats on the market. ****** Supports the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPod Nano 7th Gen. Some will work the iPad Air or Mini Retina but this is uncommon like most cables. ****iOS7 FULLY COMPATIBLE (even the latest updates) and works with previous versions too****

Sep 11 2014
Music Under the Stars – Free Concert at Pasadena City Hall with the Pasadena Symphony and POPS Oct 4, 2014 @passymphpops

Music Under the Stars

October 4, 2014
at the Pasadena City Hall

Ticket prices start at $FREE

Larry Blank, conductorValerie Perri, vocalistChristina Saffran, vocalistDavid Burnham, vocalist

This concert is FREE, no tickets or reservations are required.

Gates Open at 5:30 p.m. for family fun and gourmet food trucks

Concert begins at 7:30 p.m. (90 minutes)

Music Under the Stars

Join the Pasadena Symphony and POPS for a free concert under the stars! This annual concert for the community features the Pasadena Symphony and POPS, and the JPL Chorus on the steps of Pasadena’s City Hall, and celebrates music from Broadway, the movies, and the Great American Songbook.


Christina Saffran David Burnham

Arrive early for gourmet food trucks, a musical instrument petting zoo, and pre-concert family fun!

This concert is presented with support from:



Ralph M. Parsons logo

Sep 11 2014
5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked and Posted to Russian Bitcoin Site

5 million Gmail usernames and passwords have been hacked and posted to a Russian Bitcoin security forum.

The best protection at this time is to change your Gmail password.

4.93 million Gmail accounts are hacked.

What are the hackers going to get from Indian accounts?

Sep 10 2014
Apple iOS App Automatic Updates

Apple iOS App Automatic Updates
If you have iOS 7 or up, you can update apps automatically without checking the updates. Go to Settings-iTunes-App-Store-Automatic Downloads and turn on automatic downloads and turning on updates.

Sep 10 2014
Walgreens Report Abuse Spam, Phishing Scams

Customer Chat
Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
Hi! My name is Brittney H. How may I help you?
Customer: I need to report email abuse. An email is being sent with your name and logo
Customer: I tried sending to abuse and spam and it bounced
Brittney H: I will be glad to assist you!
Brittney H: You would need to contact our Corporate Consumer Relations Department. The phone number is 1-800-925-4733 and the email address is [email protected] You can include the email or copy and paste it.
Customer: ok, thanks
Brittney H: You’re welcome! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Customer: no. thank you
Brittney H: You’re welcome!
Brittney H: Thank you for contacting Following the completion of this chat there will be a short survey and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Have a great day and be well. If you have a local store or pharmacy issue please use one of our feedback forms:
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Thank you for chatting with Walgreens. We value your feedback. Please click here to answer a few questions about your chat experience.

Sep 10 2014
Climate People’s March & Mobilization #Disruption and #PeoplesClimate


Are You Ready to ‘Disrupt’? Climate Movement Readies Global Mobilization

In less than two weeks, the ‘Climate People’s March & Mobilization’ is set to make its mark on history. A new film explains helps explain where movement came from and where it’s going.

A still image from the film, Disruption, which seeks to galvanize the global justice movement at just the right moment. (Credit:

As Jamie Henn, a co-founder of—which is leading the organizing effort for the march and also produced the film—said to his organization’s members in an email:

Here’s the most exciting part of this story: it’s not finished yet. The next act will be written in the streets on September 21st, when the People’s Climate March takes over New York (and cities across the globe).

This is the history we’ll tell the next generation — about the end of fossil fuels, about how the world was in crisis, about how we started to turn it around together.

Watch the film on this website:


Sep 10 2014
Sunrise Lighting LED Bulbs Contact Warranty Info

Sunrise Lighting LED Bulbs Contact Warranty Info

I recently purchased a couple of Sunrise Lighting brand LED light bulbs and one of the two has already failed. The lights come with a 5 year warranty, but you have to remember to keep the package.  But if you did throw it out. Here’s some images from the package and the number to call if the light fails.

The product I purchased as the SLED-14/SD

Sunrise-Lighting-LED-Light-SLED-14SD-pic2 Sunrise-Lighting-LED-Light-SLED-14SD-pic1

Soft White A19, Lasts up to 27.4 years, 13 energy used in watts. 120V, 60hz, R9=51, 4 Step, CRI=90.3, PF=0.903

OMNI Directional Beam Angle, 308, 60 Watt equivalent bulb, lasts 30x longer than incandescent, mercury free, instant on, dimmable.Sunrise-Lighting-LED-Light-SLED-14SD-pic3

I am going to call Sunrise Lighting at (800) 511-0011 to see if they honor their warranty. If not going back to True Value.

Sunrise Lighting Inc.

170 S. William Dillard Drive Building 2, Suite 108, Gilbert, AZ 85233


Made in China


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