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Dec 21 2011
Cheeseburger Week in Pasadena: Coming in January 15-20, 2012

Pasadena Cheeseburger Week is sponsored by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce with support from the City of Pasadena and is a California Restaurant Month event.

Celebrate the birth of the cheeseburger in the Home of the Cheeseburger: Pasadena, California from January 15 -20, 2012.

Various eateries in town will offer deals and assorted specials including:

Pie ‘n Burger

Kings Row Gastropub,

Vertical Wine Bistro,

A Yucatan rendition at El Portal.

Noir Food and Wine,


Lovebirds Cafe

Magnolia Lounge.

and several others.

the cheeseburger was actually invented in the good ‘ol North East L.A. community at “The Rite Spot,” a popular sandwich shop in the mid 1920’s.

Pasadena Restaurant Week website.

Dec 21 2011
Layaway Angeles – Donors Paying for Layaway Items

Layaway Angeles – Donors Paying for Layaway Items
Secret Santas are making the rounds.
As donations are coming into stores to pay off.
Must be Santa: Layaway accounts being paid off by strangers

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Dec 20 2011
Free Vouchers: The site that allows you to shop for free.

I recently came across MyNameSells, the site that allowed me to do all my Christmas shopping for free.

On MyNameSells, points equate to REAL money. Once you have enough points, you can swap them for a voucher, redeemable at a store/website of your choice! You can earn points by filling quick surveys that take around 1 minute. These surveys are powered by CPALead – a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisement.

If you like earning free vouchers for retailers like iTunes, Amazon and ASOS, check out

Dec 20 2011
Avail Sonicare Coupon for the best deals!

Save $15 on Sonicare diamond electronic tooth brush. The company provides the best deals in the form of Sonicare coupons on its electric toothbrush. In case you are buying a Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush as a gift for someone, then avail of discount coupons for Sonicare for kids and Sonicare for DiamondClean toothbrush. You will get ten per cent discount on Sonicare for kids while 15 per cent off from Sonicare DiamondClean Electric toothbrush. Another one is Sonicare essence coupon which will get you 10 per cent off.

Sonicare is the best plaque removal which can easily remove 100 per cent more plaque which ordinary toothbrush is not able to remove. Cleaning between the teeth among gum line can improve the health of your gums within two weeks and all its brushes provide dynamic and gentle action and effectively reach deeper between the teeth. You can charge the toothbrush by placing it in the glass which can also be used to rinse the mouth after brushing. The same can also be connected to your laptop via USB or can also be charged by making use of wall socket. The best part of it is you can take your brush everywhere and anywhere you want. DiamondClean also removes coffee, tea and tobacco, and red wine stains.

These brushes are both for children and adults, especially children enjoy using these brushes as it is amusing and entertaining. So why not give your family healthy teeth and best smile with Sonicare electronic brushes and that too with special Sonicare coupons.

Dec 20 2011
Payroll Tax Cuts – What an extra $40 means to you and your family

The White House, Washington

Hello —

We’ve been fighting for months to make sure taxes on the middle class don’t go up on January 1st.

This weekend, Democrats and Republicans in the Senate came together, compromised, and took a giant step to avoid just that. In fact, 89 senators approved an extension of the payroll tax cut. And 39 of them were Republicans, including GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

But now, a faction of Republicans in the House refuses to even vote on that compromise. And they’re on the brink of allowing taxes to go up on 160 million Americans.

Here’s part of the problem: A lot of people in Washington don’t understand what these tax cuts mean. A typical family gets about $40 with each paycheck from this tax cut, and opponents look at that and argue it doesn’t have an impact.

Just today, one House Republican referred to this debate as “high-stakes poker.” He’s right about the high-stakes, but he’s dead wrong about the poker. This is not a game.

We know better — $40 has tangible benefits for millions of families. Can you help us prove that point?

Tell us what your family will give up if your taxes increase. We’ll highlight stories like yours publicly so that they’re part of the debate here in Washington.

What does $40 mean to you?

What’s missing here in Washington is your voice.

Too many just don’t understand the perspective of a working family. They need to hear what it’s like to be part of the middle class in this country.

Thankfully, there’s still time to change the conversation. We have 11 days until taxes go up.

Send us your stories and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll display what we received on With your help, we’ll put the middle class front and center.

Tell us what an extra $40 means to you and your family:


David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President

Dec 20 2011
Houweling Nurseries Oxnard, Inc.

Houweling Nurseries Oxnard, Inc.
645 West Laguna Road
Camarillo, CA 93012

Phone: 805.271.5105
Fax: 805.271.5107

Dec 20 2011
Power Outage During NFL Game

Power Outage During NFL Game

Dec 20 2011
Predictions from IBM

power your devices
read brain activities
passwords will be replaced by face recognition
spam filters will become so good?

Dec 20 2011
International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead again at 49 HOAX

International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead again at 49

Singer Jon Bon Jovi is the latest celebrity victim of a Twitter death hoax.

The musician confirmed his continued existence on Monday evening with a message and a picture from his PR team through his official Twitter account.

Dec 19 2011
Haven Gastropub & Brewery Opens in Pasadena

Haven Gastropub & Brewery Opens in Pasadena with Extensive Beer Collection

42 S De Lacey Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
More on the opening

Executive Chef Greg Daniels

House-made potato chips
beef cheek poutine
whole roasted sucking pig
Hiramasa Crudo with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Fresno Chili, Pickled Shallot, Micro Peppercress, Pink Salt, and Arbequina Oil; Duck Prosciutto Flatbread with Leek Jam, Point Reyes Bleu Cheese, and Arugula; and a Vegetable Mélange with Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Pumpkin Gnocchi, Toasted Pumpkin Oil, Fried Sage, and Smoked Sea Salt.

Phone: 626-768-9555

Serve lunch, dinner, and a late-night menu from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m., seven days a week.

Public parking is available on adjacent streets and in neighboring parking garages. For menus and additional information please visit: or call 626.768.9555.

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