Aug 19 2016
Robocall Scammers Beware – US Government, Apple, Google, Verizon and others are Going to Stop You

The biggest technology companies are forming an alliance to stop the scourge of robocalling.

Daily we are bombarded by unsolicited callers, trying to sell something, or con us into the latest scheme.  Pretending to be the IRS or some lost relative in a foreign country jailed needing money to be freed.

The stories are endless and the US Government along with top telecommunication companies and tech companies are working to draw a line in the sand and stop the spread and abuse of telecommunication voice and data networks.

Many have cut services because of the abuse of solicitors. Many are trapped into changing their numbers because of spoofing where scammers are using an innocent person’s number and making calls.

The trend of many to cut services will continue as the abuse of data voice networks continues. It is in the best interest of all legitimate parties to put systems in place to stop this scourge.

It is long overdue, but welcomed to see that the repeated complaining by consumers has moved those with the power to stop this to take action.

We should see some developments in the next couple of months, as soon as mid October 2016.  We can only imagine scammers are working on ways around the systems being discussed and finding a way to hack into legitimate networks and use their networks for their scams.  Whatever is done will to stop the abuse is better than we have today, which basically ranges from services like nomorobo to blocking a number on your cell phone, or blocking private callers. There are other devices are services, but when scammers are spoofing a real person’s number it can be very difficult to stop. This is why technology needs to be developed to introduce another layer of verification and call origination, where a scammer cannot just pick a number and assign it to their caller id and trick people.

The IRS probably has some of the most notable caller complaints, with calls coming from overseas of so called IRS agents, threatening legal action, and requesting that money be sent to avoid incarceration.

Kudos to the US Government and tech companies for stepping it up and putting a stop to this.  With hundreds working to find a solution, it shouldn’t be hard to put a stop to the criminals.


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