Mar 2 2016
Nissan LEAF NissanConnect EV CARWINGS Discontinuation 2016 @nissanusa @nissanelectric

Nissan LEAF NissanConnect EV CARWINGS Discontinuation 2016

As if things for Nissan LEAF could not get worse, Nissan is now sending out letters that NissanConnect EV is being discontinued due to the 2G network from AT&T being discontinued at the end of 2016.

If you own a LEAF this is surely a blow, why did Nissan not prepare for this sooner?   This is yet another sign  along with slagging sales of the Nissan LEAF that Nissan is not as committed to the EV as Nissan executives may want prospective buyers to think.

Having just had our Nissan LEAF batteries replaced due to the battery capacity issue, was a smooth process once the capacity dropped to the “required” 8 bars.  Nissan only offers a warranty on the replacement battery which is inappropriate for a key component which was replaced due to defective engineering issue.  Basically the warranty from Nissan is only the remainder of your original battery warranty or 12,000 miles/1 year which ever is greater, so basically the new batteries has a 1 year warranty.  Seems inadequate for a critical component which is supposed to last 5 years or 60k miles and was just replaced.

One more reason not to buy another Nissan product. I imagine other companies offer a new warranty on a “new” battery for an EV.

With the recent hack exploit of the Nissan Connect, yet another recent trouble for Nissan.

This is the letter we received from Nissan regarding the discontinuation of the NissanConnect EV.



This is the website Nissan has setup to answer questions.

One interesting note is that Nissan will require a TCU- Telematics Control Unit in order to connect to NissanConnectEV after 2016.  Nissan plans to cover a “substantial: portion of the costs for parts and installation of the updated hardware.

Apparently the TCU will operate on the 3G network which may face a similar fate in a few years as 4G LTE and 5G are the new technologies.




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