Apr 18 2016
Arroyo Food Co-Op Market Closing @ArroyoFoodCoop

Sad news today regarding the closing of the Arroyo Food Co-Op Market.  Items will be sold to clear out and return the keys to the owner, who apparently is in the process to begin construction on the property.


It is with a heavy heart, and deep regret, that we must announce the end of the road for the AFC market.

Our financial challenges are more than we can overcome.  Our income has been declining for the last few months, and the cost of doing business has not.  This, coupled with our urgent need to relocate, and the extra expenses that relocation would bring, has forced us to make the painful decision to close the Arroyo Food Co-op market.

Our relocation fundraising efforts resulted in around $5000 in donations, and we give thanks to those who stepped up to keep us rolling – too many names to list here, but you know who you are, and you did far more than your share in trying to make this venture a success.

Our loyal shoppers also did their share, making us their go-to spot for all sorts of better-for-the-planet goods, and we salute you for putting your grocery money where your heart and soul knew was best.

If you have purchased pre-paid grocery cards,
this is the time to use them up.
We will continue to operate while we liquidate our inventory, so stock up on your favorites while we have them.  We will continue, for a while, to re-stock on some dairy and produce items, to make your trip worth your while.  If you would like to pre-order Mark Stambler’s fabulous breads, please do so – but we will not place any stocking orders with him, so the only Pagnol bread will be reserved for pre-paid customers.

Our goal is to wind down operations in the next few weeks, so we can hand the keys back to the landlord at the end of May.  We will make further announcements as things develop.

Hans Rosenberger
Cynthia Frederick
Ada Yu

We’re open:
Mon Tues Thurs Fri 3-8
Wednesday 12-8
Sat 11-8
Sun 11-6
Arroyo Food Co-op
494 N. Wilson Ave.
Pasadena CA 91106

**click on map below for directions**


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