Aug 18 2015
Pasadena General Plan 2015 Passes with Council Voting in Favor

Pasadena General Plan 2015 Passes with Council Voting in Favor

After many years, 6 to 8 years in the making the Pasadena General Plan after hours of questions being answered by City of Pasadena Planning Dept. There are still issues which remain, but the general consensus was that the city needed a plan. There are fears that by imposing new restrictions and the already in progress developments that Pasadena will hit the limits of the plan and that a moratorium will be put in place to stop further development.  It is hard to predict the future but if the past is any indication there could be some issues in the coming years with growth being crippled because of the General Plan.

There are other concerns which revolve around water and electricity, but mobility is one area the plan addressed with public comment using New York and Santa Monica as areas with periods of uncontrolled growth that are suffering because of the population density. Could Pasadena become gridlocked, due to large developments?  There are already some large developments in the Old Pasadena, Playhouse District, Central Downtown, and more coming, at least 10 large projects are underway at some phase.  The largest of the projects being developed is the Parson’s project with the first phase at approx 650k sq ft.  and 600+ living units in the first phase, this will surely have an impact on traffic and accessibility around the area.  It could become an area that local residents will avoid because of the traffic jams.

In the coming days, months, and years, there will be those critical of the General Plan, perhaps it may not serve their interest, but it does serve someone else.  Having a win-win with this is difficult at best. Some people don’t want any growth, some want lots of growth. Where you stand is your right, expressing your position is also your right, and we elect city officials to help steer our city in the right direction. The verdict is out wether those elected will achieve this goal.  In particular considering the embarrassment of the long term embezzlement.


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