Jul 20 2015
Nissan LEAF Class Action Lawsuit Court Settlement Approved July 20, 2015 – Range Claims and Battery Capacity Loss

Details are coming in but Nissan has settled a class action lawsuit where Nissan was accused of misrepresenting claims of mileage range and capacity on batteries.

More details here.

According to Green Car Reports:

Nissan will no longer have the option to repair a battery pack that shows less than nine “bars” of indicated capacity on the dashboard gauge.

Instead, it will have to replace those packs with updated versions identical to those used in the 2015 Leaf, which use a newer and more heat-tolerant cell chemistry.

Nissan will also provide 90 days of free access to DC fast-charging through its EZ Charge card program.

Already offered to buyers of new Leafs, the EZ Charge card provides access to stations on the NRG eVgo, Aerovironment, and Car Charging Group networks.


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